Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finally Some Alone Time

On Saturday, as long as the plans hold, I'll have a good couple hours, maybe more, alone for the first time in I don't know how long.  I've needed this for a long time, since I haven't been spanked since last September.  When I told G., he was very happy about it, so I'm assuming that he's got some diabolical plans for me.  I bratted in two emails on Sunday (using the sticking out tongue emoticon), and I know I'm going to pay for that.  There's also probably other things he wants to nail me for, even from a distance.  He hasn't had a chance in a long time to make sure I pay for anything, at least since we saw each other last year, so I know he'll come up with something.  Luckily I can't use the Lexan paddle on myself, because it's too big, or it would be even worse, but he's good at coming up with evil plans without that.  With the new bamboo spoons, and the extra rubber rulers (yeah, I'm stupid, I bought two new ones because they were on clearance, plus I found the OLD one), and all the other implements I own, there's enough to make sitting difficult ('bout damn time!).  Maybe I can even get him to make me a couple new audio clips.  The ones I have are old, and he doesn't have to worry about anybody hearing him do them anymore.  He can even do them when we're on the phone, so that his Toppiness will be right there, he won't have to work from memory.  I have no problem being bratty enough to incite some good stuff!

One thing about finally being alone is that I'll be able to use the loud implements for a change.  I've managed to sneak and use the Liquid Cane before when there's been somebody home, but to be able to use the paddles and the hairbrush will make sure that it's a memorable (and painful) session.  The belt will get some use too.  I wonder if he'll say to use the belt more than usual because of so much brattiness?  It's a possibility.  He doesn't like bratting, and you know what happens when a Top doesn't like something.  The implements get a good workout!  So on top of fantasizing about how things will go in September with the things I know I'll be spanked for, now my mind is going over and over what he might come up with for Saturday!  I'm pretty sure I'm in a decent amount of trouble.  Hopefully we can skip corner time?  I HATE corner time!


Anonymous said...

Have fun! I hope to see a blog detailing what happened. :)


Jen said...

I'm sure I'll be able to get a decently long post written after a couple hour long session!