Thursday, September 6, 2012

To hold you over until the long post

G. and I spent 10 days together, the most we've ever spent together at one time.  I got VERY spanked, and my bottom still hurts in spots.  I'm going through a little bit of drop right now, so any post I write might get a little overemotional, so I'm going to put one together over the next few days or so.  G. brought the cane with him, so I got to have some fun, but he also used the belt a LOT, and the paddles.  I got punished for a couple things, mostly because it had been ten months since he'd spanked me the last time, in NY, and I tend to get a little attitudinal in the interim.  That's mostly why I got the belt and the paddles so much.  I was VERY bruised, which I had thought didn't happen anymore, so I was happy about that.  I love marks.  I can still feel the bad spots when I sit, which I like VERY much.  I have realized that my bed is too hard, because I can feel it even sitting on my bed.  Sitting at work was definitely interesting!  I have to decide where to post the pics I took.  I'm thinking FetLife, but I'm not positive yet.  Some of them seem a little brutal because I took them at different stages of bruising, and G. REALLY nailed the back of one of my legs where I got a huge purple bruise.

All those spankings have opened up my mind to new fantasies, so I may be writing some new stories based on those.  It'll give me something to focus on until my brain is ready to write the big post about the trip!