Monday, June 4, 2012

Can we go mainstream finally?

Some women at work are reading Fifty Shades of Gray, and it seems to be changing how they think about things.  One woman who is fairly religious, was telling the others today that she heard on the news that sex shops (I can't remember exactly what term she used) have been doing amazing business since the books came out, because people are buying the things they're reading about.  It made me start thinking, what if they're becoming open to the idea that there are actually people who REALLY do the things they read about?  Would they finally stop treating us like freaks and realize that we're just like them except that we get into different things in the bedroom?  As much as I refuse to read the books, I'm wondering if they're a good thing in the long run, to introduce vanilla people to what we do in a tame way that also intrigues them.  All I keep thinking when I hear them talk at work though is, If you really want to learn about that stuff, I can teach you how it REALLY works.  Those of us who are in the scene could show them how things really work, how normal people can be while doing this, instead of being emotionally damaged like the guy in the books.

Could we finally stop being afraid that somebody might find out about what we do with our friends, partners, husbands and wives?  Could we finally feel free to discuss some of this stuff, especially now that vanilla people are starting to become curious about it?  I wonder.