Friday, August 10, 2012

To post or not to post?

With all the story harvesting I've been doing on Google, there's one that I found that I had totally forgotten about.  It's dark, sort of extreme, and edgy.  It wasn't something that I was looking for really, but I could understand the need behind it back then.  I've changed over the years, and I don't feel that anymore.  I can still understand the need, but only because I'd almost been there before, but I don't think I could handle that kind of session now. 

What I'm wondering is if I should post the story?  I know that some people will find it hot because they like extreme play, or they like dark fantasies.  It's the people who would be upset by reading a scene like the one I wrote that make me undecided about posting it.  So, I'd like some feedback.  Should I post it the way I always do, with a small explanation at the top, post it with a warning as part of the intro, or not post it?  It's M/F, consensual, but to a level that might squick some people.  


Tony Elka said...

I forbid you to post that story.

(fastest way I could think of to get you to show it to us)

Jen said...

LOL! You know your stuff. : )

Erica said...

I say go for it. If you post a warning beforehand, then people will know and it's their choice to continue (or not).

Anonymous said...

Post away, but put a caution like in the old newsgroup days. I want to read it.


Jen said...

Erica and Barrister, being prescient, I have already started writing the warning for the story! It will be up in a minute. : )