Monday, August 6, 2012

The Ladies Who Lived on the Corner

I wrote this 12 years ago, but until now I thought it was lost.  I wanted to find it but had given up until today, when I was able to rescue it from Google!   


To the people on the block it seemed as if they had been together
always.  No one remembered them moving in, they'd just always been
there.  The two ladies, whom everyone knew to be lovers.  Their ages
were a mystery, they were described as older but a bit ageless.
To see them on the street one would never guess their true secret.  They
were lovers yes, that was obvious by how they were with each other, and
how they looked at each other.  What was never guessed was what happened
when no one else was about.  When it was just the two of them in that
little house on the corner.

You see, Laurel and Josie had a unique aspect to their relationship.
Josie was the boisterous, outgoing one of the pair, while Laurel was
quieter.  People thought that Josie was the more dominant of the two,
but they were wrong. Behind closed doors it was Laurel who took the
upper hand, literally.  Many nights would find Josie across Laurel's
lap, being spanked.  Not for punishment, but because they both loved it.
They needed it as they needed each other, and Laurel loved spanking
Josie's bare bottom.  Josie would purr, moan, and writhe, driving Laurel
mad with passion for her, even after so many years.  Laurel would spank
Josie's bottom till it was the color of the early sunset, and then they
would lie together, making love as passionately as they had when they'd
first met, many decades before.

This was their true secret, the one not even whispered about in the
neighborhood, because no one knew.  That was how it had always been, how
it would always be.  It was what kept them young, despite the fact that
Laurel was nearing seventy-five, and Josie was but a few years younger.
A delicious secret for the two, knowing that Josie often went about her
daily tasks in the yard and the neighborhood with a red hot bottom, and
a secret smile that was shared by Laurel.

The neighbors only saw them as a cute couple, and so they missed the
unspoken bond between them.  The one never spoken of, but treasured as
they treasured each other.  The bond that had always been, and would
always be, for the rest of their lives.

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