Sunday, August 12, 2012

Story-Ping Pong Paddled

 I've left the author names on it this time, because this one was a collaboration.  In 2000 I wrote a lot of stories for the SSC, and one of the categories was Collaborations.  Quester hadn't been on SSS for a while by then, but he said he'd write a story with me.  If I remember right, he didn't do any of the actual writing, but he came up with the idea, and the trap the girl uses.   


Ping Pong Paddled  (f/m, nc)

by Jen and Quester     © 2000

We met in English, and I'd always lusted after her.  I'm a typical
teenage boy after all, and she's gorgeous.  And stacked.  I noticed.

We sat next to each other, and that led to talking about school, which
led to talking about what we wanted to do instead.  That led to planning
our first get-together.  Ping pong, her house.  I couldn't wait.


I got home fast that day.  I liked Jimmy, and had admired his body for
months, especially his butt.  What can I say?  I'm a typical girl, and I

When he got there we went downstairs to the rec room.  He started
getting grabby with me.  He kept brushing against my breasts, and
"accidentally" resting his hands on them.  I knew I had to do something,
and fast.


I figured I was doing okay with Jessica, and was feeling good about
possibly doing more than playing ping pong.  Until she scooted around
the pole in the middle of the room.  I turned to grab for her instead of
going around the pole, and the next thing I knew I was trapped!  She'd
sneaked one of those Chinese finger cuffs onto me, with my arms around the

I panicked.  "Hey, let me go," I said. 

"Eventually," she said, "but first you're going to learn some manners." 

She grabbed a ping pong paddle off the table, and started to paddle my
butt.  HARD. 

"Hey, that hurts!  Cut it out!"

"You haven't felt anything yet, but that's going to change," she said.

She pulled my shorts and underwear down.  I wanted to crawl into a hole.
She kept paddling, and it hurt like hell.  I couldn't help yelling.  I
was helpless, getting paddled, and worst of all, she could see my butt! 


I was really enjoying paddling Jimmy.  I'd never thought about doing
anything like it before, but now that it was happening, it was like it
was a natural thing to do.  I liked the way his butt wiggled, trying to
get away from the paddle.  I liked knowing that I was in charge.  The
paddle was making his butt red, and I really liked that.  Maybe I could
get him to agree to do this again.  Without the Chinese finger cuff.

I'd been spanking him for a while, and my arm was getting tired.  Just
about then, he quit yelling and just took the paddling.  I had a feeling
he'd learned his lesson, so I went around to see his face.  Of course,
facing him like that, I also couldn't help seeing that he was actually
aroused by the whole thing!

"Are you going to stop groping me now, or do you want more?"

"I'm sorry, it won't happen again.  I promise."

I released his fingers from the cuff, and he quickly pulled up his

"How about we just start as friends, okay," I asked.

"You got it.  I know not to try anything like "that" again," he said,
rubbing his butt.

We laughed, ended up playing ping pong and had a great time. 

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