Friday, August 10, 2012

Story-Morgan's Discovery

I wrote this twelve years ago as an attempt at a schoolgirl story.  I had no experience with schoolgirl scenes, so I had to go a different route.


Morgan's Discovery

Morgan's attention drifted from the front of the classroom to the
window.  It was too nice outside to be stuck in a classroom.  Why couldn't
they have class outside, where she could breathe.

She was so caught up in her daydream that she didn't hear Mr. Lewis ask
her a question, didn't hear it repeated, and didn't see him stride
angrily toward her.  He brought his hand down hard on the desk, and
Morgan jumped.

"Y-yes, Mr. Lewis," she asked, looking up at him.

"I assume that whatever is going on out there is much more interesting
than the Revolutionary War, but George Washington and I request your
presence in here at the moment," he said.

"Yes, Sir," Morgan said quietly.

"You know the rules, Morgan.  To the front of the room with you," Mr.
Lewis said, pointing to her doom.

Morgan's eyes went wide.  Oh no, she thought, he can't.  I'll be
humiliated!  She was panicked, trying to think of a way out of getting
spanked.  It wasn't unusual, it happened occasionally, but never to her.
She'd always made sure of that.  She'd never been spanked.  The problem
was, she wanted to, very much.  But if it happened now, he'd know. Know
what a naughty girl she really was.  It just couldn't happen!

"Please, don't make me go up there!  I can't!  Pleeeeease," she pleaded,
tears already forming.

Mr. Lewis pointed again, silently, and Morgan got up and walked slowly
to the front.  At the last second she ran out the door, and stood crying
in the hallway.  When Mr. Lewis came out of the room, she was still
there.  She barely realized that he stood there watching her.

When he put his arms around her, she melted into sobs.  He knew that a
scene like that would be difficult to explain, so he led her into an
empty office nearby.

"Morgan, what is it?  You can't be this upset by the threat of a little

Somehow the truth came spilling out of her.  How she'd always felt
different because the idea of a spanking made her insides melt.  How
she'd never been spanked, but dreamed of it.  Everything she'd ever felt
or thought about it.

Finally she stopped.  "You think I'm horrible, don't you.  Some sick kid
who needs help," she said flatly.

"No, Morgan.  I think what you're feeling is normal for you, and there
are others who feel the same way.  I do think you need to wait until
you're older to act on those feelings, but I don't think you're sick to
have them."

Morgan looked at him, shocked.  She'd just told him her worst secret, and
he wasn't yelling or saying she was bad.  "Thank you," she said, with a
weak smile.

"You're welcome.  I AM going to have to think of a different punishment
for you.  I don't want you confusing discipline with pleasure.  Now go put
some water on your face, and come back to class when you're ready."


Dear Diary,

Today I found out I'm NORMAL!!!! I'm so RELIEVED!!!!

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