Friday, August 10, 2012

Story-Bad Girl

I'm posting this, but I'm adding this warning to it.  If extreme or edgy stories tend to freak you out, because of past experience or some other reason, don't read this story.  If you like dark or edgy stories, if some or all of your own fantasies go the extreme, then have at it!

Bad Girl

She wasn't just a naughty girl, she was a bad girl.  She was lazy,
stupid, inconsiderate, and deserved to be beaten.  Not spanked.  Naughty
girls got spanked.  She didn't deserve that.  So she made sure she got
what she deserved.  She pushed and needled and tormented him until he
pushed her down on the bed and beat her with his belt.  So much more
than hard, it was brutal.  But she needed it.  Had to be purged so she
wasn't the bad girl anymore.  After the belt he pulled her roughly up
off the bed by her hair and screamed at her until her ears were ringing.
Good, she thought, she didn't deserve kind words, sweet whispers.  She
wasn't worthy of special treatment.  She should be treated like the dirt
she was. 

She needed the pain he was so willing to give her.  She needed to be
clean again, and needed the heat of the pain to burn away the bad part
of her.  All the guilt and anger and hurt. So she pushed harder, cursed
him as if she hated him, to get him to hurt her.  He pushed her against
the wall, pinning her there with his body as he told her through
gritting teeth how he'd make her suffer for what she was doing.  He
backhanded her across her face, and it stunned her for a second.  Her
mind reeled.  This is what bad girls get, she kept thinking.  She let
the thought fill her mind until it was her only thought.  It was right
this way, right that she be treated so awfully.

He held her there against the wall, holding her arms above her head with
one hand, beating her mercilessly with the riding crop with the other,
all over her body.  Vicious cuts across her breasts and thighs, arms,
legs, everything he could reach.  He whipped her till she screamed, beat
her till she could barely breathe.  Soon there were no thoughts in her
head, just the pain, crowding out the guilt and the hurt, overriding the
anger.  She screamed till she was hoarse, and then the tears came.  Hot
stinging tears, as hot as the cuts from the crop.  Tears that burned
away the bad girl, and left the good girl in her place.  She collapsed
against him, and he carried her to the bed, laying her down, and lying
next to her.

As he cradled her, the heavy sobs turned to whimpers and she fell asleep
in his arms.  I'll never understand why she needs this inhuman treatment
sometimes, he thought to himself as he kissed her forehead.  He just
knew that she did, and not getting it was worse, because it seemed to be
the only way to get it out of her system.  She'd be fine when she woke
up later, be his sweet love again.  She hurt somewhere deep inside, and
only the extreme pain was able to reach in there to calm her again.     

He wrapped his arms around her, protecting her, and fell asleep,
exhausted from the ordeal.   

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