Sunday, August 5, 2012

G.'s story-The Vampire Strikes Back

G. has given permission for me to post his first and only ever story, which he used to delurk on SSS back in September of 1998 (a month before I showed up LOL).  It's short, but HOT!


The Vampire Strikes Back
(with apologies to G. Lucas)

        It is the night before Worldcon, the socializing ends
relatively early, at around midnight.  I am in my signature costume
already, black tuxedo trousers white ruffle shirt, black vest, black
bow tie, gold pentagram with red stone in the center, walking stick,
and black satin cape with red satin interior lining.  My lady is
wearing a simple black evening gown and a black choker with red stone
as a highlight.  I encircle her with both halves of the cloak and say
"You realize that absolutely nothing is going to happen before noon
tomorrow, we have a few hours to before we need to sleep".  I smile
and run my tongue across the fang prosthetics, a gleam in my eyes.  I
doff the cape with a practiced flourish and discard the walking stick
(way too big heavy and thuddy for the business at hand).  I take the
straight back chair from the desk and bring it to the center of the
room.  I return to my lady, grasp her svelte waist and escort her to
the chair.  I sit, drape her over my knees, and lift the back of her
        I pause, lasciviously staring at the red satin panties
(matching costumes) and the wonders enclosed within.  I spank slowly
at first, pausing every so often to run my hand over the marvelously
smooth satin.  At the point I feel the satin becoming warm to the
touch, I lower the panties disclosing the pinkening bottom beneath.  I
step up the tempo of spanks and wait for the pattern of her breathing
to change.  I then lift her off my lap toss the shirt and hang the
rest of the costume over the chair, when I turn around I find her nude
form positioned for the finale, head and knees on the bed, her legs
spread and lovely fanny in the air.  I finger the wetness between her
legs to increase her arousal again, take my belt and commence her
spanking with it.
        As she climaxes, I reach between her thighs and engulf my
finger in her wetness.  I withdraw the finger, replacing it with one
from my other hand and part her enflamed cheeks.  Carefully moistening
her wrinkled hole, I slowly insert the finger as a soft groan escapes
her.  As the finger increases its tempo, her breathing once again
quickens, seemingly keeping pace.  My own sex is engorged and rigid as
I get to my knees and enter her from behind.  In a chain reaction she
begins climaxing setting off the powerful, familiar, and welcome
muscular pulsations within me.  She collapses, prone on the bed and I
topple on my side facing her.  As I put the covers over us nestling
her in my arms a thought reverberates inside my head, "This is my best
Worldcon ever and it hasn't even started".

Authors note:  The vampire costume and setting are real, the lady is,
alas, fictional - currently (hope springs eternal)

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