Sunday, August 5, 2012

Five Days with a Vampire Part 2

For some odd reason we woke up really early on Saturday morning, 7:30,
which gave me the normal three hours of sleep I'd been managing every
night during the trip. We talked for a while, got dressed, went to
breakfast, which was a first for G. (you know vampires don't do
breakfast! ) and then went to panels ALL DAY. Started at 10 in the
morning, and the last one ended late, after 7! They were all extremely
interesting science panels, about everything from immortality to new
ways they're trying to come up with to shoot off rockets and spaceships.
I learned a lot, and G. would occasionally add something here or there
to what the panelists were saying.

We did dinner with other friends of his this time, and did more party
wandering for hours and hours, (and played a really cool game "Apples to
Apples, which I want to get), and then we ended up in MY room this time.
He wanted immediate access to the paddles and the hairbrush! He had me
take off my pants and panties again, but this time had me bend ALL the
way over and touch the floor. I'm rather flexible, and can stand with my
palms flat on the floor. He spanked me with the hairbrush to
start, I think, scolding me while he spanked, and it HURT! I was trying
like crazy to stay in position, which I usually don't have a problem
with. I know I was writhing around and making all kinds of noise, and
then he gave me two smacks at the end of it with the paddle. HARD! At
least I THINK it was the paddle. I was already crying hard and
apologizing by that time, so it's difficult to tell.
My recollection was that it I finished off using the hairbrush, which is
oh so effective.
I couldn't believe that it had happened again. I've been spanked
endlessly at parties, to the point where even Muffy thought I was crazy,
and had never had this reaction before, let alone this consistently!
Again he held me till I calmed down, and then after a while we went
to sleep.

Sunday G. slept in, though I didn't, and we only went to two panels,
one about cryonics and then one about nanotechnology. Very interesting
stuff, and I already knew some of the stuff about nanotech before we
went to the convention (that's what happens when you have three hour
phone calls with a physics major ), so I followed most of the panel
easily enough.

After dinner (again with friends), we went to the computer room so that
I could check my emails and G. could check something he was curious
about. I only checked my emails TWICE the whole time I was there, and if
you know me and emails, that's like not checking them at all! at G.>
Who is of the opinion that Jen is too absorbed by e-mail and chat.

Then we did the party wandering again, for hours and hours, and G. got
caught up in this conversation at one party that was very technical,
about space travel. The no sleep bit was catching up to me at that
point, considering it was really late, so I might have zoned during a
little of it , but I
caught enough of it to know that he really knows his stuff! I was
I wandered into the middle of the conversation, from what I gather, this
guy who knew just enough about spacecraft to be dangerous was trying
(again and again) to come up with cost saving ways of building
satellites/spacecraft. The other folks, whom I took to be industry
professionals (WorldCon gets their share of engineers from JPL and the
like), were pointing up how these suggestions were like to make the
spacecraft more likely to fail and /or wouldn't buy you much. Some of it
was just good engineering practice (the Keep It Simple Stupid principle)
other aspects required knowing a bit about the space environment. I'm
not a professional rocket scientist, supercomputers are the day job, but
I have read enough to hold my own (my handle, apoapsis, came from
orbital mechanics after all)

I should mention at this point that I had been bratting it up a TEENSY
bit all night.
Think 3-year-old up way past bedtime.
I don't know what came over me, but I went for it! I KNEW what would
happen, but I still did it. I'd act all innocent of course, but for some
reason he wasn't buying it. I thought I was pretty convincing! LOL So
when we got back to his room, I knew I was done for. He got his belt
out, and told me to take off my pants and panties, and to bend over the
way I had the night before. This was my first experience with his belt,
and he had me straining to stay in position again. The smacks across the
lowest part of my bottom were the hardest to take, especially since my
legs were spread, so the belt could get to places yet untouched! Then of
course he switched to the evil hairbrush from hell again, all the time
scolding me. He reduced me to tears yet again, a perfect record. While
he was holding me afterwards he did comment on the fact that I had taken
so much and had actually made it through the whole queue of punishment
spankings we'd had to save up. I THINK he was impressed.............
Jen did real good.
Monday morning came and we woke up relatively early I think. We talked,
this time about ourselves for a change, which we don't do that much of.
Sometime during the conversation I said that since I'd had all my
punishment spankings, maybe I could have a fun spanking again, like on
the first day. I had mentioned that Mish had said that his handspankings
were something to panic about, LOL, so we decided that I would get a
handspanking. I should preface this by saying that I've been known to
wear out Tops who have handspanked me. Being such a painslut, it takes a
LOT to get me to squirm from a spanking that way. This was also a first.
He spanks very hard, and doesn't ever wear out!! I kept expecting him to
say that his arm was getting tired or that his hand was hurting, but he
never gave out.
Hey, this ain't no wimpy Top here :-)
That impressed me! He spanked hard enough and long enough for me to
actually get to the level I like.  I checked in the mirror afterwards, and
my bottom was a very nice color. : ) The bruises had almost all
disappeared by then, which may have been because I took my
vitamin C's and E's with me.

We got dressed after a while, (the first time I saw him in regular
clothes!) and went to have lunch. During lunch, he came up with the most
evil punishment plan for future misbehavior. His grin should've tipped
me off that this wouldn't be good. It's difficult to handle punishment
spankings from long distance, so he came up with the ultimate. No emails
for a day or a weekend, depending on the severity of the crime!!!!! I
said that was just MEAN to even think of, and instead of saying, "Well,
then don't break the rules," or something equally innocuous, he said,
"Then don't be a bad girl," thereby hitting half a dozen hot buttons!!!!
So now I HAVE to be a good girl, because I can't do without my emails!
See, I told you- a total addict
Also, after I've been spanked I have to be a good girl anyway. Side
effect of being punished.  Since it was the last day, we got all packed
up, and then hit the dealer room because G. hadn't managed to get
down there once the whole time!
WorldCons are notable for having multiple things one wants to do at any
given time. In this case, what with my usual crowd, some folks I know
from another online forum, and Jen, my schedule was even more crowded
than usual.
So we did that, and then met up with my friend who was driving me back
home. We got our stuff out of the rooms, and then after a minor snafu at
the checkout desk (where I just barely managed not to snap),
The part I don't understand is continuing to be upset AFTER the folks at
the front desk have found out what is wrong and made everything right.
it was time to say goodbye. Just before he got in the taxi we hugged,
and that was really nice. I grinned and told him I'd email, AFTER I got
some sleep of course (yeah right!).
My, aren't we brave, after I am hundreds of miles away, that is.
Then he got in the taxi and took off for the airport.

I had an incredible adventure for the first time in my life, and meeting
G. was the biggest part of that. If things work out, he'll be coming
here for a spanking party in March. I want him to see me get caned!
sounds like something to look forward to.

So ends my five days (and mostly nights!) with a vampire.



Anonymous said...

Made me smile :) You guys will have a fabulous time :)

~Newt Kai

Jen said...

I'm glad I could do that. : ) This trip is going to be wild, we've never traveled to Worldcon together before. Road trip! : )