Sunday, August 5, 2012

Five Days with a Vampire Part 1

First, to explain, this is a VERY old post, from back in the SSS days.  I just found it on Google, after thinking it was gone forever, because it was written two years before I had a computer.  Webtv had no way of saving anything.  It's from September 2000, and it's the account of the first time G. and I met face to face.  Like with my New York post, there is commentary from G. in it.  This is part one, because it needed so much detail.  The only thing I've changed is cutting his name down to G.  On SSS I used his whole first name.


Last week I went to Worldcon in Chicago. I was going to meet G. there,
and we'd been planning it most of this year, if not ALL of this year.
When I got there I checked to see if he was around, and I should've
figured he was still asleep. What can you expect from a vampire? So
I went downstairs to check out the dealer's room and all the other stuff
they have, and just generally acclimating myself to being in a different
city for the first time in years, and being there by myself for at least
a little part of the time. I waited three whole hours to finally call
G. in his room, because I figured it wouldn't be TOO early. He'd
always said that as long as it was afternoon I wouldn't get in trouble
for waking him up!

The plan was to get massive amounts of sleep in before the Convention,
'cause I certainly wouldn't get any DURING the Con. That I mostly
accomplished the previous day.
I think it helped to hear his voice on the phone first, before actually
seeing him. We spend hours and hours on the phone, and I'm used to that.
He said he'd be down to my room as soon as he'd gotten ready, and as
soon as I knew it was a certainty, the nerves hit. I couldn't sit still,
my stomach was fluttering, and I was panicked that he wouldn't like what
he saw. I ran around like a crazy person getting myself into something
resembling semi-perfect.

When I heard the knock on the door I had to keep from running over and
flinging it open. I looked through the little peephole and there he was,
in full costume already. I opened the door, and the last physical
barrier was gone. I was still so nervous as he came in and we started
talking. He sat on the edge of the bed, and so did I. It didn't take
long before the nerves were completely gone and I was completely
comfortable with the fact that the reality had finally replaced the

We talked about things in general, most of which escape me now.
Eventually I dragged out my baseball bag with all my toys, and he of
course wanted to try them out. I've learned something. Don't spank a
painslut over jeans! LOL My butt's hard enough as it is, and jeans make
it damn near impossible to save certain kinds of toys from destruction.
As hard as G. spanks, it's a good thing I have so many indestructible
toys. Wow! I think he knows me well enough to know that I like it hard.
I am genetically a painslut, I think.
HER toys are indestructible, luckily. About half of MY toys gave up the
ghost when being used :-)
After all the toys had been used, I looked in the mirror at his
handiwork. I was so bruised I wondered how I was going to handle the
next five days! I knew I hadn't been spanked in six months, but hadn't
figured that it would take me all the way back to the early days when I
got marked so easily.

We talked some more, and then went down to the convention. Being the
first day, it wasn't very crowded, so it was easy to get around. We went
out with his friends for dinner, and then went party wandering, which
lasted till about 1:30 in the morning. Then we ended up back in his
room, talking for hours and hours. At some point, and maybe he can
remember WHY, he wanted me to figure out a math problem. Well, he KNOWS
that math and I don't get along, and for some reason it brings out the
brat in me. I protested, and then he said to stand up, which wasn't a
good sign. I said I'd do the math, and he said, "Yes you will, after you
get spanked." ACK! A real live punishment spanking for something I'd
just done! He told me to take OFF my jeans and panties, and to bend over
the bed. I did, and he spanked me really hard. I think it was with the
hairbrush, considering he likes it way too much. Something odd
happened during that spanking. I really started regretting being a brat
and goading him into spanking me (I admitted doing that when he asked),
and I started crying. He kept spanking me until I was crying full-force,
and when he knew that I really was sorry for doing it, he stopped. I was
shocked that it had actually happened, because anybody who knows this
part of me knows that I don't cry while being spanked! He held me while
I cried, and until I calmed down, which was VERY nice, and then we ended
up talking again (after I'd figured out the math problem : )) until
about 8 in the morning.

Other details will be left to the imagination, because I don't know if
I'm the type to "kiss and tell".

Jump to the next night, after going to science panels (I actually
learned things!) and dinner and more parties, this time with a recently
partly converted friend of mine, and her friend. She's more into the
power exchange but she has been spanked, and her friend wanted to buy my
Loopy! So we all went party wandering for hours,
Despite your friend's sister doing a number on her knee while going down
the stairs
and then they went to my room for the night and we went to G.'s room.
I got spanked again, but noticed something strange about my bottom. The
bruises were going away instead of multiplying! Anyway, that night G.
had me bending over the bed again, and pinned my legs with one of his,
and spanked me HARD. The same thing happened, I cried DURING the
spanking. Two nights in a row! He held me again afterwards (I think
that's one of the best things about this, not counting the actual
spanking!) and we ended up going to bed at 4:30, like normal people.

I think I'm going to stop here and make this a two-parter, because I
don't want to leave anything out!
To be continued..................


Anonymous said...

I expect a redux- LOL

Signed Management whom prompted u to repost

~Newt Kai

Jen said...

LOL! Thanks Management. : ) That's part of why I reposted this. It'll give great continuity with the new posts about THIS year's Chicago trip. I was so happy I found those, because I hadn't red them in years, and I thought I'd never be able to!