Monday, August 6, 2012

Blast from the Past Party Report

 I decided to post this one because it was the one where G. came to town for the party.  A couple things.  One, this is part one of two, but Google isn't giving up part two, so this may have to be it.  Two, you'll notice the amazement which I express that our friend and her husband brought their LAPTOPS to the party with them.  You have to know, this was March 2001.  People weren't in the habit of carrying those around all over the place the way they are now.  There were no smart phones either. LOL Wow, we've come so far in eleven years!

G. got to town last Friday morning, and slept most of the day, because
being the vampire that he is, he had stayed up all night to get the
early plane. I called him at the hotel when he first got there, and
right away he started razzing me about the weather. LOL It had been 50
degrees two days before, but as soon as he showed up it was cold and
SNOWING. I think he brought it with him actually. (which I feel
completely safe in saying, now that he's ALL the way back in NY again.)
You just THINK you are safe- G.
So we planned that I'd wake him up for dinner, which I did, and we did
dinner late, around 8, with my nephew. He's 17, so it wasn't like I was
carting a little kid around.

So after dinner, I dropped my nephew back off at my apartment (he was
over for the weekend), and G. said to call when I got there and he'd
come and pick me up. So I did that, and only SLIGHTLY goofed up the
directions to the apartment. I just told him that the driveway was on
the wrong side of the street. Luckily I realized it when I was waiting
for him, so I waited outside for him and waved him to the right side.
Which was the left side, in actuality ;-) - G.
After he finally saw my webtv setup, (I think he wonders how the hell I
manage now LOL), we went back to the hotel, and somehow I ended up
getting my first of FOUR punishment spankings. He decided that he was
going to see if the cane could be used for punishment, which I seriously
doubted, considering my love of the cane, but he was DETERMINED.
I considered it a challenge to be met, an "experiment" to do - G.
He put the chair in the middle of the room, told me to get up on the
chair, so I knelt on the seat, and he pushed me over the back of it,
rather forcefully. Then he pulled my pants and panties down, and
proceeded to give me a punishment caning I'll never forget. It was hard
and fast, with no time between strokes to get used to the pain. I cried
harder than I ever have from any of his punishment spankings. Everybody
knows I don't cry when I get caned! I was impressed that he was able to
do that.

Later on we ended up talking about things and I was kneeling at the foot
of the bed (I wasn't about to sit after THAT caning! LOL), and we got
around to talking about bills and checking accounts, and he got his
ruler out. I got swats every time he didn't like my answer. Good thing
it was over my pants! (Spankings are bare bottom, swats are over pants,
at least that's MY take on it!)
It is not a policy or anything like that, I was just being lazy- G.
I ended up agreeing to be a good girl about the checking account and to stop
calling it the "Doofus Checking Account Plan".
Some people just can't do anything the EASY way (of course, what fun
would that be for me if she did)- G.
The next day we got up early (anything before 10 is early for a vampire
), and I got my SECOND punishment spanking, this time with the evil
weighted hairbrush, now nicknamed "The Depleted Uranium Hairbrush".

NB- They make armor piercing shells with depleted Uranium not because of
any nuclear energy reasons, but because it is extremely *hard* and very
dense, hence heavy. The reason for the nickname of the hairbrush should,
thus, be self-evident.- G.
GEEEEZ, that thing is LETHAL. OWOWOWOWOW!!! Needless to say, he had me
dissolved in tears again in short order. Good thing those don't last
very long. That spanking was for giving notice at my last job before I
had something else lined up. He wasn't going to punish me for it, until
he found out that it could happen again if the situation arose. Believe
me, it WON'T happen again. I don't want to get spanked like that again!!
Good to know I accomplished my objective (all while having fun, of
course)- G.
After that, we waited for Ang (notabrat) and her husband to show up,
because they were coming to the party too. We spent the day with them,
talking computers. G. can no longer say that I'm addicted to email.
Ang brought her LAPTOP with her!!
Actually, both she and her husband had laptops and they were, IIRC,
networked together :-)) -G.
I hadn't checked my emails since the night before, and there she was
carrying her connection WITH her! So that proves I'm not addicted.
(I know that's some kind of fallacy, but I'm damned if I can figure out
which one )
It is an incomplete (implicit) syllogism. Jen needs emails less than
Ang, (Ang is not addicted to e-mails) => Jen is not addicted to e-mails.
Note that I put the incomplete part in parenthesis- there is not a hint
of an assertion that Ang is NOT addicted to e-mail, in fact, I would say
she is also quite addicted.- G.
The party was good, as always, even if I did look like I'd already BEEN
to the party before we even got there! LOL I did get my very first ever
birthday spanking at the party. G. put me over his knee and spanked me
with the evil hairbrush, and I had to count the last five! I NEVER
count! I usually CAN'T count because I get lost in the spanking, trying
to stay on top of the pain. G. rubbed my bottom afterwards, and that
was great! I like birthday spankings.
Even with the DUH? (Depleted Uranium Hairbrush, that is, I rather like
the acronym)- G.
I didn't get spanked at the party besides that one, but considering how
spanked I already was, it didn't matter all that much. Eventually I WAS
in the mood for my usual caning though, so after Spank Court, G. and
I, with Ang going along to watch, went up to the room. I wondered what
it would be like to get caned by G., NOT as punishment. Getting caned
is a big thing for me, and getting to the zone is the ultimate goal, so
I got comfortable on the bed, and waited. G. canes really well, even
NOT for punishment. I relaxed into it, and by the end I knew we were
getting somewhere. I don't know how many strokes I got (neither of us
ever counts these things), but when he was done, he ran the cane lightly
over my bottom and asked how I was. I mumbled something completely
unintelligible, LOL, and he knew I was blissed out. It was WONDERFUL.
Glad to help out :-)) - G.
HE wasn't tired of course, and with Ang there, he decided to get her
second spanking over with. He put her over his knee, and I stayed on the
bed, sloooowly coming down from my state of bliss. : ) I could see her
bottom was pretty well marked from the spanking he'd given her earlier,
and he proceeded to handspank her hard and well. I'd never seen him
spank anybody before, and it was amazing. I could see that power of his.
I was lying there, so relaxed that I could hardly move, and I watched
Ang get a spanking worthy of any painslut. At one point I asked
G. why he didn't ever rub MY bottom during a spanking, and he
said,"Because you misbehave and disobey me." HOT button time! Wow! I
know that most of my spankings are punishment ones from him.

Not really because Jen is particularly "naughty", but more because we
meet very infrequently (this is the second time), so there are lots of
opportunity to accumulate punishments on the "queue"- G.
I was very impressed by how much Ang took. It was a hard enough spanking
to make G.'s hand balloon up! That's as good as _I_ can take, and
everybody knows what a big ol' painslut I am.
I was impressed too. A bit of advice to other Tops out there, if your
hand is getting played out from a hand spanking, be stoic about it- you
are NOT going to get any sympathy :-)) - G.
I'm just noticing how long this post is getting, so I'm going to stop
here, and continue it in a second post. There's still the rest of
Saturday night and Sunday to talk about! I promise, as soon as I get it
written and sent to G. for his comments, and get it back from him,
I'll post it. You'll know who to blame if it takes a while, and it won't
be me, cuz I'm a GOOD girl.
Oh, THAT's nice, point the finger at me. I wouldn't be too quick to
accuse *other* people of procrastination if I were you - G.

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