Monday, August 6, 2012

A Sorceress' Tale

Another story I wrote 12 years ago.  This one is definitely different from most that I've written, but it came to me one day, and it almost wrote itself.  


A Sorceress' Tale

The tales of the fierce dragon and its sorceress-mistress were widespread.  Many knights had been sent to rid the land of the pair, but none had succeeded.  One knight, Sir Horace, asked the king to send him to finish the deed that had been attempted so many times before.  The
king was reluctant at first to give up his best knight, as all who returned from the quest had been shaken and ruined for further duties, but Sir Horace was adamant about going.

Sir Horace traveled for many days, and finally came to the place that had been spoken of by previous knights.  There he saw a beautiful woman and a lizard the size of a dog. 

"You can't be she who plagues our land with magic and fear," he said, still sitting on his horse. 

"I am what I am, Sir, though some may be fool enough to think me more," the woman said.

Sir Horace dismounted, and approached, having no fear of the woman.  He saw nothing to convince him that she was a menace. 

"How is it that so many knights have returned in sad condition if you are not a sorceress," he asked.

"Many men felt threatened, and were conquered easily.  I desire a man who will not feel threatened by the strength of my will, and can give what I need," she answered.

"And that is," Horace asked, curious to know.

"Love, respect, guidance, correction when I get beyond myself.  I run wild at times," she said, with a mischievous look in her eye.

"That is easy to give, when a woman is so deserving of it," Horace said, his voice becoming raspy with desire for her.

"Ah, but so many thought themselves capable, and were proved wrong.  They were weak and I had my way with them.  It was too easy," she said. 

"Even strong women must be punished when they misuse their powers," he said, striding towards her.

She seemed suddenly afraid, unsure for the first time since he'd arrived.  He let that work in his favor, and took her by the wrist to bend her over.  He thrust her skirts up over her naked bottom, and
started to spank her.  She squealed and wiggled and promised never to do it again.  He stopped when her bottom was a nice shade of red, and then stood her up, letting her skirts fall back to cover her.

"You're coming back with me, my Lady, and there will be no protest from you," Horace proclaimed.

"No, Sir," she said shyly, not wanting to look into his eyes, but almost compelled to do so.   

He helped her onto his horse, gave her the lizard to carry, and leaped up to sit behind her.  She rode back to the castle leaning back against him, with a satisfied sigh and a warm bottom.  She was a very happy sorceress.

They were married soon after, and lived blissfully ever after.

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