Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A call for ideas

Ask G., sometimes I get bored with how I have things.  Like I changed the color of my computer windows from blue to silver, I occasionally change the theme of my Thunderbird because I get bored with how it looks, and I change the persona on my Firefox a decent amount.  When it comes to this blog, I came up with the name because at the time I couldn't think of anything better.  For the past couple weeks I've been seriously considering changing the name, but I can't decide on anything.  I'm having the problem I had when I started it in the first place.  It's the same problem I have when I write stories.  Titles are my worst problem.  I'm hoping that some of you are better at it, so I'm asking for suggestions.  I'll narrow it down from there, and if I still can't decide, I'll leave it up to a vote of the masses.

Some things to consider when coming up with names: Not that I WON'T ever include sex in my blog posts, but I haven't so far, mostly because it's not happening for me in RL.  Most of my fantasies have to do with punishment, which I find hot.  I love just playing, and I have a ball when I can do that, but if I can be in a situation where G. is punishing me for something, even if it's just an attitude adjustment, it reaches a much deeper level for me.  I write a mix of fiction and RL posts, which is why I can't pick something that makes it seem like it's just a story site.  There are too many good ones around for me to compete with! 

I'm going to see if G. has an idea for a name too, not that he has a lot of experience with blogging.  Of all people he probably SHOULD have a blog, even if it's a vanilla one, but I'm not sure he can stay away from YouTube for that long.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My trip to NY

To make it easier to tell who's saying what, G.'s comments are in bold.  I've tried to fix the formatting, but for some reason it won't condense anymore than it is!   
As hoped, the trip went great.  I packed all of my implements, including the Liquid Cane, which G. hadn't even seen yet, let alone had a chance to use.  I forgot that I'd also rebuilt the Loopy in the past three years, and since he'd killed it, he hadn't had a chance to test the bionic version.  Against my better judgement I brought ALL of my paddles, including the dreaded Lexan, which is just plain EVIL.  I always wonder what the people at the airport think when it goes through the scanner. : )  
I got there Tuesday afternoon, and after playing "Around and around we go", G. finally managed to find where I was at the airport and get me to the hotel. 
I would point out, in my own defense, that the sign telling you which way the arrival terminal and the departure terminal are was sufficiently small that they could have used it for the fine print on a mortgage agreement, by the time I realized I was headed to the departure terminal, it was too late. 
I finally got to ride in The Beast after hearing about it for so long.  It lives up to its name, that's for sure.   He drives fast, which made my mom a little nervous, and she told me to call her when he got me to the hotel in one piece. LOL 
While I do drive quickly, I am also very good at not hitting stuff, so her mother need not have worried.  But I do love the chance to show off the full throttle acceleration of the Beast (which is what caused me to give it that nickname) which is a challenge because it revs so quickly that the if you are not quick on the shifts, it will bounce off the 8,000 rpm rev limiter.
He brought his laptop, so we hung out there for most of the day.  I wanted to show him the Liquid Cane, so it wasn't too long before I pulled it out of the suitcase, along with the Loopy.  Down went my pants, and I got on the bed.  He used the Liquid Cane much more than the couple of strokes I'd received at the party a couple months ago, which made it much more intense.  The Loopy is also much more intense when it's not me using it on myself!  It didn't last all that long, but it was nice to be able to ease into things after three years and not feel like we had to go all out from the first spanking. 
The liquid Cane works quite well but there is an Achilles heel, rebound.  I'm looking to spank someone else's ass, not my own hand.  A leather glove can be used as armor, by way of a work around.
After checking out our usual online stuff, we went to dinner and then we went to see Moneyball.  By the time the movie let out it was after midnight, and G. went home because we were both tired.
The next day it rained ALL day.  We went shopping, because SOMEBODY had to get new phones so that they wouldn't have to keep changing phones every hour and a half while we're on the phone twice a week, and it wasn't me.  

Though it was amusing to hear the exasperated "Batteries" every time I switched handsets.
I needed a travel charger for my phone because somehow I had forgotten my normal charger, even though I'd brought every other charger I owned. LOL  We also needed ammo and hearing protection for when we would be going to the shooting range later in the week.  The ammo part took some doing, because one of his guns requires obscure ammo.
.303 British, it isn't a popular sport round but used to be plentiful in military surplus, but NATO standardized on the 7.62 round (which is very similar but not interchangeable) in decades ago and it has become tougher to find since.
Took three stores to get them, and that didn't count the ones that don't even exist anymore.  I got to see a decent amount of Long Island at least!  Finally, ammo obtained, we got back to the hotel.  
We weren't going to dinner until late, so we did online things again.  This was also the night he decided he was going to teach me about patience, with many implements.  He used the Lexan, the wooden paddle, the rubber ruler and the Loopy.  I also noticed him doing something with his computer, which distracted me for a minute at first, but he was rather insistent with the spanking and the lecturing, so my focus was back pretty fast. LOL  I started crying pretty fast, what with him going at it really hard with the paddle.  I don't need to go from memory about this spanking.  Remember when I said he was doing something with his computer?  Well, we had been talking about doing more audio clips, so Mr. Sneaky RECORDED the spanking on his Garage Band program!!  I do have it on my iTunes and my iPod now, and damn is that paddle LOUD. 

Couple of things here.  First off, doing the lecture thing, monologue style to garage band when I am not actually in a session doesn't feel natural.  Its not as bad a photography (see below), but it usually requires multiple takes to get something minimally acceptable.  Thing number 2 is that when we are on the phone and I am drumming on my thigh or stomach, fidget that I am, just the sound of the impact makes a noticeable impression, so it figures that an actual paddling that she *remembers* happening to her will work even better.
After the spanking he went back to the computer, and that's when I realized what he had done.  He emailed it to me right then, so when I got back home a few days later, it was waiting for me.  Late that night we went to a diner he goes to every Wednesday.  Now I know why he only eats once a day.  I couldn't eat like that more than once a day either!
When you have as much trouble stopping eating as I do, it is not a good idea to start doing so very often.
The next day was NYC day.  We didn't go until the afternoon, so we couldn't do a whole lot.  We went on the train and ended up in Penn Station.  I was taking pictures already.  I got some decent ones right outside Penn Station, including one that G. doesn't even know I got, which I will tell him about if he asks.   To tell the truth, I didn't even know I'd managed to get it until I got home and uploaded it from the card onto my computer, so I wasn't being sneaky about it or anything.  You really do need to be slightly sneaky to get pictures of G., because when he knows you're taking pictures of him, he tends to freeze up, and then it doesn't look like him. 

Well, there goes my budding career as a male model. 
(I laughed LOUD when I read this line, because it was written so deadpan. LOL) 
It's actually the best picture I've ever taken of him. :)  From Penn Station we went to the Intrepid museum, and he took me on a guided tour of the whole thing, which I have on video.  Even with all that walking I was still okay.  From there we went to the Empire State Building, but when we got there he said there was something he wanted to do first, so we started walking.  He left me where I was and went looking for the direction we needed to go, which he found pretty fast, and came back to get me.  We started walking, and I had no idea where we were going.  He said he thought we were in the Garment District, which I'd heard about it.  I could tell it was a much older section of the city.  Still I had no idea where he was taking me.  Then I saw a small sign that said kinematics.  I couldn't believe it!  A friend had told me that it was the one place I had to make sure I went to in the city, and by the time I got to New York I totally forgot about it, and I had never mentioned it to G., so I was floored.  It was such a great surprise! 

A while ago I was working in the city and every once in a while, I would walk back to the train instead of using the subway or taking a taxi and on one such walk I discovered Kinematics.  There was no way that I was going to show someone like Jen the City for the first time and not have that on the itinerary.
I don't live in a big city, so I'd never seen so many spanking DVDs in one place in my life. LOL  I didn't get any though, because I couldn't decide on any.  We went downstairs where the toys were, and that's when the deciding began.  We looked at everything, and then we decided on a riding crop.  We haven't had one of those in years.  Of course then I had to carry it around the rest of the time we were in the city, so luckily they wrapped it up really well so that nobody would know what it was, because it had to stick out of my purse, as big as THAT is!  We went back to the Empire State Building, which completely destroyed both of us as far as the amount of standing (G.'s problem), and walking and stairs (my problem).  I did get video from the observation deck, so that was really cool, but wow, was it windy up there!  We bailed after a little bit.  Between the crowd, the amount of walking we'd done, and a sudden huge gust of wind, we decided we'd seen enough!  Then we couldn't find a cab to get us back to Penn Station, so we ended up settling on a pedi-cab.  I didn't care at that point, I just needed to sit down before I fell down. LOL 

You forgot the part about how, on the way back, our train had a medical emergency on it and we ended up sitting for something like an hour.  I have called the LIRR the "worlds largest toy train set" on many occasions and this just provides more evidence. 
I knew ahead of time that this was going to be our late night, because we wouldn't be going to dinner until late, and we'd be staying there really late. G. has a unique schedule on certain nights!  So when we got back to my hotel room, G. used the riding crop on me, really hard I might add (But what's new about that? I'm not sure he has another setting, luckily ).  As with a lot of implements, because of how hard he goes at it, we end up needing to repair a lot of them, and the riding crop is no different. 

Damn flimsy toys!
That's why I have a Bionic Loopy, because after G. broke it on me in Denver, I had to rebuild it and accidentally used thin co-ax instead of plain rubber.  Then he took a nap, and I got to use his laptop.  It was one of the few times I was able to check Twitter the whole time I was there.  He woke up about a half an hour or so later, and then we went to dinner.  He meets up with friends on Thursday nights, and I got to meet them.  We got into a big conversation about Detroit and just how bad things are, and these days I'm able to hold my own in conversations like that.  G. remembers the old days at Worldcon where I would just sit by and listen because I wasn't up to the challenge.  Later in the night, one of his friends said that I should move there and they'd come and get me, so I think they liked me. : )  By the time we left it was REALLY late, after 4, so he dropped me off at the hotel and went home to sleep.      

That is actually par for the course for me, BTW, night owl that I am.
Friday was a day of firsts.  It was the day I would get to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.  Back in '02 when we went to California for Worldcon, I got to see the Pacific, and it was the first time I'd seen ANY ocean.  G. hadn't realized what a big deal it was until we got there and I actually saw it.  So he knew I wanted to be able to see the other ocean, but this time I didn't wade into it.  There's a difference between seeing the Pacific Ocean at the beginning of September, and see the Atlantic Ocean in mid October!  It was also the day I was going to meet his mother finally.  We had talked on the phone a bunch of times, and had even written letters back and forth for a while, but we'd never met face to face before.  G. was down in the basement getting his rifles so that we could go to the shooting range.  That left me and his mom alone to talk for a few minutes.  I think it went well!  I knew we'd get along, because it wasn't like we'd never talked before.  I had been nervous before I went there, realizing I'd be meeting her though, because I know there's a difference between talking to somebody on the phone and seeing somebody  face to face for the first time.  Even if they've seen a picture of you, pictures can't     give the whole story, and I wondered if she would react to me differently.  I didn't have to worry about it though, so I relaxed right away.  So G. and I went to look for the shooting range he used to go to, but he hadn't been there in so long that it didn't exist anymore.  Back to his house, he went downstairs to check for another place online, and I stayed upstairs with his mom.  More time to talk!  Annoyingly not enough time to really find out anything good though. ; )  Finally he found a place and we were off.  It was my second time shooting, but I'd never shot with his rifles before.  One of them was easy, but the bolt action one (I can't remember the name of that one),

SMLE for Short, Magazine fed, Lee-Enfield, the Tommies instantly, I imagine, nicknamed it "Smelly".  That was the one that took the .303 
was a total bitch to control!  It kicks like a mule!  I only shot that one once, it was too hard to handle.

I wanted to show her the difference between a full battle rifle cartridge and the significantly less powerful assault rifle cartridge, in this case 7.62X39.  Driving home the point that assault rifle rounds are *less* devastating than their predecessor battle rifle counterparts.
I did pretty good with the other one though.  I still have the targets to prove it!   

Ready for any zombie apocalypse, she is.
Then we went to meet up with other friends of his for dinner.  I already know these friends because they go to Worldcons too.  We tried to guess how late they'd be, because his friend has a different concept of time.  G. was right on his guess. LOL  His one friend is an early adopter of technology and always has gadgets, and he has an iPad, which he let me play with.  Have I mentioned I suck at Angry Birds?  I couldn't get out of the level I tried.  We stayed there for four hours talking and playing with the iPad.  I was even able to check in for my flight the next day AND pay the baggage fees right there.  I totally need an iPad.  

Apple stuff tends to be like that, just try it out and you want one.
When we got back to the hotel, G. asked if there was an implement we hadn't used that I wanted to play with since it was my last night there.  Of course I said the belt.  So he spanked me with the belt.  It didn't last as long as I would've liked, but I was just happy to have it used on me at all after three years!  His shoulder couldn't handle too much that night, because when he had shot with his bolt action rifle earlier in the day, he had gone through ten shots, and it kicked him in the shoulder hard enough for him to have a decent bruise.

Hard kicking round + brass butt plate + thin tee shirt = sore shoulder 
I had some decent belt marks though, which is what counts.   Sitting that whole week had been tricky, and that just added to it, which I had missed so much and loved feeling again after so long.  He didn't stay after that, because he was going to have to get up early (there's normal people early and then there's G. early.  G. early is noon LOL). 
When he dropped me off at the airport the next day, I got my traditional hug, which was nice.  Even just being friends, what we do together as far as spanking is concerned is more emotionally intimate than I ever was with my husband when we were married.  After twelve years we're close, even if it's in a nontraditional way.  It was a nice way to end a very nice week.  I got very spanked after having waited patiently for three years, which made me very happy.  If things work out right, we might even be able to see each other before next Worldcon.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that one, because it would mean him coming here.  And not mentioning to my mom that we'd be going to the target range again.  She still doesn't know that we went in October!  She HATES guns, so it just easier not to tell her.  She knows about the other stuff, but she feigns ignorance.  That's easier for HER. LOL 
Glad the trip was a success, -G

Friday, December 9, 2011

As requested, here's the first poem

The First Stirrings

So young,
You have no idea
how the world works,
Yet you know that
this thing makes you feel
something strange,
It makes you tingle inside,
Gives you a small rush
that you don't understand,
But you know you like it.
You also know you can't tell,
Because then they'd know
and they would tell you it was wrong,
Though you know deep down it isn't,
So you keep it inside,
Your dark secret,
That makes you tingle inside
and gives you that wonderful rush
just to think about it.

While we wait for G. to add his comments......

The NY post is written, and I sent it to G. a couple days ago, so I'm waiting for him to send it back with his comments included.  Until then, I came up with an idea today.  I've been knee-deep in nonkink book writing for over a month now, but I think it's sparked my creativity again.  That's good, because I'd spent so much time not being able to write a damn thing that I'll take too many ideas over none.  I was sitting at work listening to a podcast on my iPod, and they were talking about writing, and it got me thinking.  I rarely write poetry anymore, but occasionally something hits me enough to make me need to write.  I've also never written a whole book of themed poetry.  I do have ones I could take out of the rest and MAKE a themed book, but what I'm thinking is a kink related poetry book, that talks about the journey from the earliest thoughts about what we do, to being involved in playing and all the feelings that go along with the different relationships we have while doing it.  I've never written something intentionally like that.  My poetry is normally born of strong emotion at the moment.  I think a book about my life would be boring, but to put it into poetry form would bring the emotions to the surface and show the journey from earliest spanko thoughts through to the liberation that comes with age and experience.  I would probably have to go the self publishing route, or the Amazon Print on Demand way, because I doubt I could get a publisher to go for it.  Hell, I don't even know if anybody would even want to read it!  I wrote the potential first poem this afternoon, and I'm fairly sure I have enough years of experience in all this to really show the journey.  Any thoughts?  Any interest?  I'm still going to do it, but I am wondering if anybody would want to bother reading it.