Friday, September 23, 2011

What I hope happens when I see G. next month

I've been thinking about what I want when it comes to playing when I get to New York to see G.  It's been three years since we've seen each other, so there's so much we'll probably want to do but won't get to.  I know he'll want to punish me.  It's not that I've been misbehaving, but he'll want to set the tone and assert his authority again.  I want that too.  I hope it happens before we do the fun kind of playing.  I want to feel his power again.  It's this amazing force, and I haven't seen it in so long.  I miss it.  I want to slam up again it, to know that it's there no matter what.  I want him to spank me until I cry, to release all the stress that's built up since the last time I saw him, partly because it's been so long since he's spanked me. I want to feel relaxed and that everything's right in the universe again.

At some point I want a nice long caning, with the heavy cane.  I want to fly, knowing that he's watching out for me so that I can.  I trust him to know when I've had enough if I've blissed out (G.'s term for subspace!) so far that I can't know for myself.  He's good at that, and I feel safe so that I can let go and fly.  It's an amazing feeling, to let him take me where I want and need to go.

I'd love to play a scene, though we've never really done it before.  There are situations we can use from my past that make for good role playing, because in my late teens school and I weren't best friends.  I wasn't terrible at it, but there were bouts of skipping that I could be punished for, in a teacher/student format or a Daddy/daughter type scene.  Either way would work for me.  I'll have to see what G. wants to do as far as that goes, but we've talked about me being punished for that, so it's just a matter of figuring out which direction to take it. 

G. hasn't used the Liquid Cane yet (formerly the Evil Whippy Thing), and since I know that it's on my level, I really want to see what he can do with it.  His arm never wears out, so I'm hoping for great things!  I know he wants to try it out, especially after all those times that I told him that he might get to use it sparingly.  He'll want to make sure that I know that he'll use what he wants, when he wants, as often as he wants.  Which is only right.  He's in charge, and when it comes to when and how I get spanked, he makes the decisions.  I love that.