Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A call for ideas

Ask G., sometimes I get bored with how I have things.  Like I changed the color of my computer windows from blue to silver, I occasionally change the theme of my Thunderbird because I get bored with how it looks, and I change the persona on my Firefox a decent amount.  When it comes to this blog, I came up with the name because at the time I couldn't think of anything better.  For the past couple weeks I've been seriously considering changing the name, but I can't decide on anything.  I'm having the problem I had when I started it in the first place.  It's the same problem I have when I write stories.  Titles are my worst problem.  I'm hoping that some of you are better at it, so I'm asking for suggestions.  I'll narrow it down from there, and if I still can't decide, I'll leave it up to a vote of the masses.

Some things to consider when coming up with names: Not that I WON'T ever include sex in my blog posts, but I haven't so far, mostly because it's not happening for me in RL.  Most of my fantasies have to do with punishment, which I find hot.  I love just playing, and I have a ball when I can do that, but if I can be in a situation where G. is punishing me for something, even if it's just an attitude adjustment, it reaches a much deeper level for me.  I write a mix of fiction and RL posts, which is why I can't pick something that makes it seem like it's just a story site.  There are too many good ones around for me to compete with! 

I'm going to see if G. has an idea for a name too, not that he has a lot of experience with blogging.  Of all people he probably SHOULD have a blog, even if it's a vanilla one, but I'm not sure he can stay away from YouTube for that long.

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