Friday, December 9, 2011

As requested, here's the first poem

The First Stirrings

So young,
You have no idea
how the world works,
Yet you know that
this thing makes you feel
something strange,
It makes you tingle inside,
Gives you a small rush
that you don't understand,
But you know you like it.
You also know you can't tell,
Because then they'd know
and they would tell you it was wrong,
Though you know deep down it isn't,
So you keep it inside,
Your dark secret,
That makes you tingle inside
and gives you that wonderful rush
just to think about it.


lunargirl said...

I love this and am looking forward to more.

Jen said...

Thanks! So glad you like it! I write poetry so rarely, not like in the old days, and this one's not born of the raw emotion most of mine are. This whole book is going to be planned, which is not how I usually work. This should be an interesting project.

Quai Disciplines said...

Sexy and beautiful at the same time. This is a great example of how quality art and kink go together.


Jen said...

Thank you! I was hoping it was good, but I didn't expect such a wonderful comment!