Monday, August 1, 2011

My two cents about Twitter

Since I was part of Abel's conversation about Twitter, I figured I might as well continue it, along with everybody else. 

Twitter is my connection to my spanking friends.  I can't do that on Facebook, because of relatives and work friends.  I'm pretty much out about what I do, except for those people.  My work wouldn't be affected, but I don't know what their reaction would be, so I leave that part of my life private.  I could never tell the relatives on Facebook about my kink, though some of them are very open about things.  I just can't see myself talking to them about it.  The newsgroup has faltered from what it once was, and all the people I knew there are now on Twitter, so I can connect with them on a more immediate basis there.  I NEED Twitter for that.  To be who I really am, to not have to think about what I say, to not have to hide anything.  To be as free as I want with the kink, and to be able to revel in the wonderfully kinky conversations I have on there.  I don't JUST talk about spanking, but it's the one place I CAN talk about it.  I've gained friends on there beyond the ones I knew from the newsgroup, so my horizons have broadened that way.  I don't tweet from a phone, because I refuse to pay that kind of money for a data plan, but when I get home I go through my timeline and catch up with everything people have been doing during the day.  Not everybody I follow is into spanking, but pretty much everybody who follows me is.  Until the past few months I didn't post much.  In April, after a whole year on Twitter, I only had 1,800 tweets.  I've become so much more involved that I have 4,614 tweets as of right now.  I tweet every day now, sometimes a lot during a day, especially later in the day when everybody's home.  I talk to people in different countries, all over the world, which for somebody who didn't get online until they were 34 is still sort of amazing sometimes.  It's difficult to remember what it was like pre-internet, when I didn't know that there were all these other people who have the same inclinations I do when it comes to spanking, and when I wasn't connected to so many great people.  I could never go back to being disconnected from the world, and Twitter is one of the things I'd miss now.    


Abel1234 said...

And I for one am glad you're on the site, and enjoy chatting to you there :-)

The site's not without its flaws, mind, which - along with some reflections on life in general - provoked my original post. Thanks for linking to it!

Jen said...

You're welcome. I felt that my post wouldn't make sense without yours along with the conversation it started as background. I like talking to you on Twitter too. :)

The only major flaw I find is that it doesn't let you block specific tweets, like if you see things from a specific person that you'd like to block, but still keep that person in your list because you don't mind their other tweets. My only PERSONAL problem with it is that I have to edit so much of what I say for length!