Sunday, July 10, 2011

An Old Party Report

I posted this way back in '05 on SSS, after a particularly great fetish party I went to.  I've left it in its original form, which I found a while back on Google. 

It's been a long time since I've posted about any RL playing that I've
done, mostly because it's been so long between times.  I finally got to
a party last night, but not one of the ones I used to post about.  This
was a fetish party, so there was a really good mix of people of all kink
persuasions.  I'd never been to a party where there were lots of
different kinds of play.  I've been playing in the scene since '99, but
this was my first experience with watching people who didn't all have my
exact kink, and it was really cool.  There was a LOT of cross-over, so I
didn't feel out of place at all.

I went with a friend from high school who I recently reconnected with,
mostly because of the first spanking movie I ever bought from Shadow
Lane.  The guy in the movie had the same name and same basic features of
this guy I remembered from high school, and ever since then I'd wanted
to find him again to see if it was him in the movie.  Well, long story
short, I found him on the alumni site for our high school, and I emailed
him.  I mentioned that movie, but not what it was about, and his answer
made me think that he wouldn't be freaked out by a spanking movie.  I
sent him the link so he'd know why I thought the guy looked like him, he
agreed, and said that he wouldn't have minded being that guy!  We talked
on the phone after that, and he mentioned this fetish party that he
wanted to take his girlfriend to and said that if I wanted to go to let
him know.  I jumped at the chance, because except for last September
when I got to play with Greg in Boston, I hadn't played in two years and
I desperately needed the chance.

I met up with them at the bar where the party was, and I knew right away
that I'd get a chance to play, because on the dance floor there were a
couple spanking benches, and a couple St. Andrew's crosses.  There was a
leather dealer right inside the door, and I finally bought my first
flogger!  I'd always wanted one, but they're usually too expensive.
This one is green suede and not very long, so when Greg uses it on me he
won't have to worry about controlling it.  It's also heavy, which is
what I like.

Anyway, we were sitting around talking, and my friend started talking to
this guy who turned out to be a Top.  He sat at our table and we started
talking about what kind of playing we like to do.  One thing led to
another, especially once he found out that I'm a painslut, and we
decided to go outside where we could actually hear each other.  There
was a St. Andrew's cross out on the patio too.  He got his toy bag out,
and told me that I was wearing too much.  I wasn't sure about getting
rid of EVERYTHING I was wearing, but it didn't take too long for me to
end up just wearing a thong and some strategically placed electrical
tape. LOL  I will say that the only reason I felt okay playing with
somebody I didn't know was because my friend and his girlfriend wanted
to watch, so I knew I had backup, otherwise I never would've done it.

He wanted to do some breast bondage, and I wasn't too sure about that
because I'd never played with that before, but I figured that there are
other things I'd never liked until I tried them, so what the hell.  That
part was okay, once he'd been working them over for a while, but it
didn't really did much for me.  He had my hands connected to the cross
way over my head, and eventually we had to switch the leather cuffs to
the lower hooks down by my sides so my hands stopped going numb.  At one
point I was standing there looking up at the night sky, and I wondered
how I'd made it to a level where I didn't mind being 41, and by no means
skinny, all but naked, cuffed to a cross with everybody looking at
me (people wandered in and out of the bar onto the patio the whole
time), while this guy was doing all sorts of wonderfully painful things
to me.  It was liberating and amazing all at the same time.  The great
thing was that absolutely nobody gave a damn about my size.

Eventually he turned me around so he could work on the other side.
This was what I really wanted and needed, and he was up to the
challenge.  Not everybody can play at the level I like, which is pretty
high.  He used a bunch of floggers, a crop, some paddles (I had no idea
they made metal paddles!), and there was a buggy whip and a quirt
somewhere in the action too.  There was one flogger that he said would
make me scream, but he doesn't know my tolerence level! LOL  It was just
really really good.

He pulled my hair at one point, which was also new for me.  I have long hair, so
there was a lot to grab.  Nobody had ever done that before, and I'd
always wondered if it would be a turn on for me.  There's something
about it that is definitely a turn on, but I think it would be much hotter with
people I've played with a lot .

I'd realized a couple years ago that I like sensation play, but I
haven't had much experience with it.  He had one of those spikey wheels
(can't remember the name right now), and when he used it on me,
especially where he'd flogged and whipped, I damn near orgasmed!  It was
great, and by that time I was feeling very relaxed, probably more than
I'd been in a long time.

I think my friend's girlfriend was intrigued by watching me, because
they came up to us, and the guy used the wheel on her too.  It turns out
that she likes it just as much as I did and had pretty much the same
reaction I did, so there's potential there.  I like people who are
willing to try new things. :)

After I got dressed, we went back in to watch all the other people who
were playing.  I saw a woman who REALLY knows how to use two floggers at
the same time.  Wow, that was very cool!  If I go to another one of
those parties, I might have to see if she's willing to do that to me.

Today I have some very cool marks, and I'm hoping that they last more
than a day or two.  I hope so, I hate when they don't last, because I
like looking at them.


Olivia said...

Glad you decided to post this! :D It sounds like a great experience. I think a party would totally freak me seems so exciting and yet so scary. I don't think it's something for me, but I liked reading this!


Jen said...

That was the first party I ever went to that wasn't in a hotel. I'd only ever been to exclusively spanking parties before, so it was a totally new experience for me. It was totally great, and putting myself out there, literally, was very liberating. You might want to wait until you've had more experience before you consider a party, and even then, not everybody's cut out for them.

Anonymous said...

What a great read. I know how intense and exciting fetish parties can be. I'v also experienced that wheel. I think they're called pinwheels. They drive you nuts especially when repeatedly run over highly sensitive areas like nipples. They're amazing though.