Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Need Fulfilled-Part 2

The next night was Sunday, which meant I had to go to bed early. I didn't know how I was going to manage to get to bed so early, when I was used to staying up until one or two in the morning. Going to bed the same day I woke up just wasn't normally in the cards. I got into bed, expecting to lie there for hours, but surprisingly, I was asleep in half an hour. When the alarm went off in the morning I woke up right away, and didn't hit the snooze alarm once. I got to work in plenty of time for the first time in ages.

The rest of the week went along essentially the same way. I thought I had this thing licked, and that the bedtime would be very temporary. I had hope that I wouldn't need rules for very long. When I called Kate that Friday, she was very pleased that I was following the rule so well, and called me a good girl. That made me happy, because I wasn't used to hearing that. It made me want to keep being a good girl and doing what Kate wanted me to do.

The next week started well enough, I kept to my bedtime and woke up when I was supposed to. Then on Thursday, some of the women at work asked if I wanted to go with them for a night out. Forgetting what Kate had told me about asking permission, I told them I'd go. We went to a bar, and the next thing I knew, it was one in the morning. By the time I got home it was closer to two, but I figured that I'd already broken the rule, a little longer wouldn't make any difference. When the alarm went off five and a half hours later, I hit the snooze button three times and ended up being late for work. Realizing that I would have to call Kate later that day and confess to what I'd done, I was nervous all day at work, and easily flustered. By the time I got home I was so frazzled I didn't know which way was up.

I was desperate for an excuse to use as I dialed Kate's number. It was only the second week and I had already screwed up, big time. I don't just mess things up a little, when I do it, I do it big, and this was no exception. I knew I was in for it.
"Hello Sarah," Kate said.

Damn Caller ID, I couldn't just hang up and pretend I hadn't called. "Hi Kate," I answered nervously.

"So, how did the week go," she asked. I thought I detected something in her voice that told me she knew something was up.

"It went really well most of the week," I said, trying to put the best angle on it that I could.

"Most of the week," she asked, in a tone I wasn't used to. It wasn't accusatory, but it seemed to drip impending doom.

"Yeah, most of the week. Last night was a little bit off........." I said, trailing off, not willing to give it all up at once.

"What do you mean, a little bit off," she asked. The tone got more ominous.

"Well, some friends at work wanted me to go out with them last night after work, and I got home a little bit late," I said.

"How late," she asked.

"Um.......almost two o'clock," I said, almost under my breath. I wanted the impact to be as small as possible.

"That's not "a little bit late" Sarah, that's very late," Kate said sternly,"why weren't you watching the time?"

"We were having such a good time that I didn't notice the time until one o'clock, and then I figured I was already in trouble, so I just stayed," I said, thinking it couldn't get worse than it already was.

"I see," Kate said.

I didn't like the sound of that tone at all. It told of more than impending doom, it announced the demise of my poor bottom.

"I also hit the snooze button three times this morning and ended up being late for work," I said in a furious rush, hoping she wouldn't notice all of it.

"I obviously have my work cut out for me on Sunday. Be here at noon, if you know what's good for you," Kate said.

"Are you mad at me," I asked.

"Not mad, just disappointed," Kate said,"I hadn't expected you to disregard my instructions so blatantly. I told you that you could ask for permission if there was a reason you wanted to stay up late."

My heart dropped into my stomach when she said the word disappointed. I hadn't meant to disappoint her, and now I felt even worse. "I forgot," I admitted.

"Obviously," Kate said,"so we'll take care of your memory problem on Sunday too."

"Yes, ma'am," I said. There was that word again.

"See you on Sunday, Sarah, and don't be late," Kate said.

"I'll be there," I said,"bye."

"Goodbye Sarah," Kate said, that tone still evident.

I felt awful. I hadn't meant to disobey her, and I had forgotten about asking permission. It hadn't been on purpose. I'd never cared about disappointing anybody before, so this was a new situation for me. Was I going to be good from now on just so I wouldn't disappoint her? I never wanted to hear that tone in her voice again, I knew that much.

I was up early Sunday morning, so nervous I couldn't eat anything. All I could think about was what was going to happen. I wondered how bad it would be. She had only spanked me with her hand that night at the party, and that had been bad enough, but I had seen what had happened when she used the hairbrush on Julie's bottom. I couldn't imagine being on the receiving end of that. I knew I would find out soon enough.

Before I could chicken out, I drove to my appointment with doom. I stood at Kate's door and rang the doorbell right at the stroke of noon. I didn't dare risk being even one minute late. I was already in enough trouble. When she opened the door there was only a trace of the sternness I had heard on the phone. Even that small amount had an effect in person. I tried not to let my nervousness show.

"I'm glad to see that you decided to obey me this time," she said.

"I've been up for hours, there was no chance of sleeping late," I blurted out.

"Good. Come in, I'm not about to spank you on the front porch," Kate said, sneaking in a little humor to break the tension,"At least not yet."

I entered the house, and had to look at her to make sure she was kidding about that last part. At this point I wasn't sure what she was capable of. Anything to teach me a lesson, I expected.
It didn't take any time for her to get down to business. There was a straight-back chair in the middle of the living room, and a small paddle and a hairbrush were on a table next to the chair. My knees almost buckled at the sight of them.

She sat down on the chair, and I stood in front of her. Part of me wanted this spanking, so that she wouldn't be disappointed in me anymore. As she put me over her knee and pulled my pants and panties down in one swift motion, I knew this was going to be much worse than the one at the party.

In my position over her knee, I couldn't see which of the two implements she picked up, but with the first smack I knew it was the paddle. I squeaked, not expecting it to be so hard right from the start.

"This is a punishment spanking, there aren't any warm-ups before a punishment spanking,"Kate said,"the paddle is for not asking permission and deciding to break the rule, and the hairbrush is for deciding that since you were in trouble already that you might as well stay out later."

The paddle was small, but brutal. The sting built up immediately, and was close to intolerable almost as fast. I kicked and squirmed and tried to get away, but Kate's grip was much too tight. There was no chance of escape. I was trapped, to be spanked unmercifully for as long as Kate wanted. My bottom was on fire in short order, and I panicked, thinking there was no way I would be able to stand it. I had no idea how long she spanked me, it just seemed to go on forever.

Suddenly the sting of the paddle was replaced by the intense burn of the hairbrush. I screamed at the first splat of that evil thing against my bare bottom, but there was no let up. The helpless I had felt at the party overtook me again, and I was crying hard in short order. The helplessness became remorse, and I was genuinely sorry for having disobeyed her. The hairbrush did its work, and I was a very sorry girl.

When Kate was satisfied that I had learned my lesson, the spanking ended. I was exhausted, having cried myself out over her knee, so all I could do was lie there in misery. She lifted me off her lap after pulling up my pants, and led me to the couch. She hugged me and rubbed my back.

"Do you forgive me," I asked through my sniffles.

"Of course, dear. You've been punished, and it's over now. I know you'll try your best to be a good girl from now on," Kate said.

"Yes ma'am, I definitely will," I assured her. I meant it. I didn't want another spanking like that ever again.
"I'm glad. I don't like having to punish you, but I'll always do it when it's needed," Kate said, letting me know that she was serious.

We had lunch after that, and when I left we were on very good terms again. From then on I tried to keep to my bedtime, and succeeded most of the time, but there were still spankings for that and other rules that she put in place later on. Kate made all of them count, but none were as memorable as that first day, when I learned that when Kate says to do something, you do it.

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