Saturday, July 2, 2011

Is it just me?

I've been thinking since my last post.  Different things get different people going, whether you're a spanko or not.  One thing that I didn't know until about seven years ago, is that the idea that somebody might see my bare bottom after a spanking gets me going on a serious level.  Whether it's somebody who isn't into spanking, or somebody into spanking but just happens upon the situation, it's all hot for me.  If it's a set up situation, where the people are already there, I would have to be receiving a punishment spanking to have the same reaction.  Being punished gets me into a completely different mindset, where I feel very vulnerable and much more helpless.  It's the only time that embarrassment works on me.  I've been spanked in front of a lot of people at parties, and I don't even think twice.  I've never been punished at a party though, at least not in the public room. 

I've had lots of fantasies about being spanked in public, as punishment, or having somebody look through a window to see my bare bottom after I've been spanked, which is what prompted the last post.  I just wonder how many other people have this as part of their kink.  Some people freak out at the thought that somebody might see them in that kind of situation.  I know that others have it as part of their fantasies, but does it become a turn on if the situation actually comes up in real life?  Even if it doesn't quite happen, but goes right to the brink, is that enough to give the person a thrill?  If a situation gets very close to my being discovered like that, I panic, but then after things calm down again, it gives me that thrill.  The closer it gets, the bigger the thrill.  I'm sure if something really happened where somebody saw me who would react badly about it, I wouldn't get the same physical reaction.  It's the thought of somebody who is intrigued by seeing something like that actually happening upon me having just been spanked and visible through a window or something, THAT drives my fantasies.

It's not just that though.  Being made to tell somebody about what happened, that I had to get spanked as punishment is a mix of embarrassment and hotness that drives me wild.  I guess part of it is being helpless, being forced to make myself vulnerable beyond just being spanked.  I don't like embarrassing situations otherwise, and avoid them at all costs, but in this one area, it's a huge turn on for me.  

Am I in the minority on this?  I'd like to get comments on this, just to see what the general consensus is. 



thiskinkylife said...

You're not alone :) I've often fantasized about being spanked in front of someone else (or many someones), specifically people who I think (at the time) are not into spanking. There is something terribly vulnerable and hot about such situations.

Now, would I ever really want that to happen? Probably not!


Jen said...

Exactly, the concept is so vulnerable and hot at the same time. There's panic connected to it actually happening, but the threat gives me such a thrill. I'm glad I'm not the only one. My last blog post didn't get as many hits as usual, so I wondered if what I wrote was a big turn off for most people.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, you're not alone. Public spankings are a big part of my kink whether giving or receiving in public. I am a bit of an exhibitionist, so this is very hot for me. I have been spanked by Bonnie in front of female friends of ours and that was way hot.

No, you're not alone.


Jen said...

I've got a friend who has been trying to come up with a way to embarrass me, and I told him that the only way to manage it was in a punishment situation. He came up with some really diabolical ideas, which got me really worked up! I haven't seen him in over five years, maybe more, so making these things happen may be tricky.

lunargirl said...

I can say that I would probably prefer to think about it happening as to it really happening.

That being said, there is definitely a hotness to the idea of being punished and then having others be either witness to it or told about it in my presence.

I'm with the are so not alone.

Jen said...

G.'s diabolical idea is to make ME tell people, not tell them himself when I'm standing there. He knows it would embarrass the hell out of me to have to tell somebody that I had to get spanked for not doing what I was supposed to do. That's total and extreme embarrassment!