Friday, July 1, 2011

Fact or Fiction?

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a very naughty girl.  She was so naughty that she had to get her bare bottom spanked every Saturday morning for months.  Her Top did not live near her, so he said that she would have to spank herself in his place.  Every Saturday she would wake up and have to get a switch from a tree outside her window, and then carry it in back into her apartment building so that people would be able to see it.  She had to whip herself with the switch until her bare bottom was very sore and it had red welts all over it.  She also had to use the big evil hairbrush on her bare bottom, and the belt.  She had to spank herself for as long as she was alone in the apartment, because she lived with other people and couldn't always carry out her punishment spankings. 

Because she lived in a basement apartment, her Top decided that instead of corner time, she would have to bend over her kitchen table, with the windows and blinds open, very red bare bottom facing the window.  Her only saving grace was that the window was higher on the wall than a normal window, so if somebody walked by they might NOT be able to see inside.  She was always so embarrassed when she had to stay there, bending over on display.  When she heard people walking by the window she would freeze and hope that they weren't looking at her very red, very sore bare bottom. 

One day she knew she was going to be alone all day, so the spankings would last for a long time.  She would have to use all the implements over and over, and she knew that sitting down in the days to come would be very painful.  She dutifully spanked and spanked, first with the switch, then with the hairbrush, then the paddle that had been made especially for her, then the belt.  She bent over the kitchen table hoping not to be seen, and then started the spankings all over again.  She had just spanked herself very hard with the hairbrush in the living room, and was kneeling on the couch bending over a pillow on the arm of the couch, her red bare bottom facing the living room window.  The next thing she knew, she heard loud noises, coming very close to the window, which was behind a row of shrubs.  She should have been safe there, because nobody could walk by and look in because of those shrubs.  What she hadn't counted on was this was the day that the landscaping company was trimming all the bushes in the complex.  She couldn't make herself look over her shoulder as the noise got louder and louder.  She knew that the men were right outside her window, some in front of the bushes, some behind them close to the window, with their equipment for trimming the shrubs.  She was petrified and mortified at the same time, because she was in full view, not more than ten feet from the men.  She was so scared that she couldn't move, so there she was, very spanked and very red bare bottom on full display for the men to see.  The loud noises didn't stop, quite the opposite.  They lasted for a very long time.  She knew that they were staying there for much longer than they had for any other building.  After what seemed forever, the noise stopped, but the men didn't leave.  They were clearing the area of all the branches they had cut off, and she knew they were taking their time doing that too.  She heard two of the men talking and laughing, but they were speaking Spanish, so she didn't know what they were saying.  She just knew they were talking about her though.  They had to be.  They had been there for a long time, and didn't seem in any hurry to leave.  She thought about what they were saying, about how she must be a very naughty girl to have such a red bare bottom.  About how she looked like she had been spanked very hard for a long time.  She could feel how hot her face was, and knew that it was as hot and red as her bare bottom was.  Still, she couldn't move.  She would have to see the men if she got up then, and she couldn't stand the idea of having to see their faces.  Finally, when she thought they would stand there watching her all day, she heard them leave the window area.  She turned to check and then left the living room, more embarrassed than she had ever been in her life.

After a while she calmed down and continued with her spankings.  Her Top would be angry with her if she stopped for any reason short of an emergency.  She was spanking herself in the living room again a little later, feeling safer because she knew that the men had moved on, when one of them came walking back across the courtyard, obviously wanting to see what she was up to.  He saw her spanking herself, and she tried to leave the room, but it wasn't fast enough to avoid seeing him.  It happened again a little while later, another of them came walking across to the window and caught her bending over, farther into the living room, trying to avoid the window.  He was a brave one, walking right up to the shrubs, pretending that he needed to clean up there again.  Again he had a full view of her very spanked, red bare bottom.  She could see him by turning her head just a little, and saw him standing there looking at her.  She turned her head away fast, and didn't see him walk away, but she knew he had stayed there for a few minutes.

If it hadn't been for her Top's rules, she would've closed the windows and stopped spanking herself, but neither were allowed, and she was in enough trouble.  Later that day she wrote him an email telling him about it, and when they talked on the phone the next day he asked her many very embarrassing questions about it.  She felt her face flush bright red all over again at the thought of having been seen by the men, but her Top wouldn't let her avoid the questions.  He made her tell him again in agonizing detail, and she could tell that he relished every word.  For the rest of the summer he brought it up to embarrass her over and over again, and she blushed every time. 

She got many more spankings after that, but nobody saw her spanked bare bottom after that time. 


Anonymous said...

So, never again, but how about before then? Did anyone see your red, spanked bare bottom in the hallway perhaps?

You are such a naughty girl.


Jen said...

Oooh, you're sneaky! How about the mailman, possibly, if any of this is true.

Anonymous said...

Were any of this true, it might be the mailman, but could be others, too, using the stairs or hallway. Such a bad girl.


Jen said...

That's the problem with apartment buildings. So exposed in so many ways. No privacy, anybody can hear you getting a spanking, and might even see things they shouldn't. If any of this is true, of course.