Sunday, June 19, 2011

Should I continue this story?

I found this partial story that I'd started back in 2008.  It has potential, but I'd like input from people who read my blog. 

Over Her Knee

Jessica's bottom hurt so much that she had to ease herself down carefully to sit on the chair. She knew it would hurt to sit, but not as much as it did once her bottom made contact with the hard wood. She had to sit on her bare bottom, which was very red and sore because of the spanking she had just endured. She didn't know how she would sit for fifteen minutes, but that was the rule. She was feeling very sorry for herself as the heat and pain in her bottom was made worse by the chair pressing into it. She struggled not to squirm too much, because she knew that would earn her another hard spanking.

The whole situation was made worse by the fact that it was her mother who had spanked her. After pulling down Jessica's pants and panties, her mother had put her over her knee and had paddled Jessica's bare bottom with the big hairbrush until it was bright red and Jessica was crying her eyes out. It would've been bad enough if Jessica had been a teenager, but she was a grown woman. She still lived at home, and she knew she wasn't always the most attentive to things she should do around the house, but to be spanked on her bare bottom over her mother's knee like she was a six year old girl was too embarrassing to think about. Right then all she could think about was the sting and ache in her bottom. Fifteen minutes felt like an hour.

Just when she thought she was going to jump off the chair, the reprieve came. “Okay, you can get up now. Go to your room and start cleaning, but no rubbing. You know what will happen if I catch you rubbing your bottom,” her mother warned.

Yes, she knew what would happen if her mother caught her rubbing her sore bottom. After her last spanking two weeks earlier, she had thought she was safely out of sight and had dared to rub the sting away. Her mother had turned the corner in the hallway and had seen her standing in her room furiously rubbing her red bare bottom. Her mother had grabbed her roughly by the arm and had marched her straight into the living room where she had found herself once again over her mother's knee, being paddled even harder than her first spanking, and for much longer. Jessica cried much sooner and for a long time after the spanking was over. She wasn't going to risk that again.

“Can I lay on my bed on my stomach,” Jessica asked. She knew the answer, but she had to try.

“No, you may not, young lady. You're still being punished. I'll be in there in half an hour to check your progress, and if I think you haven't done enough cleaning, you'll get another spanking. This time it won't be with the hairbrush, it'll be with the belt,” her mother threatened.

Jessica went to her room and started cleaning. Her bottom hurt so much that bending over to reach the floor hurt just as much as sitting on the chair had. She knew that her mother meant for that to be a reminder for her as she cleaned, but it made it difficult to do what she was supposed to do. If she couldn't clean fast enough she knew that the belt was in her very near future. She had been spanked with the belt a month ago, having sworn at her mother during a fight. She hadn't been able to sit for three days afterward, and had learned her lesson. She wouldn't be swearing at her mother again, that was for sure. She just hoped she could avoid the belt this time.

When Jessica heard her mother's footsteps approaching her bedroom, her stomach did flips. She knew that her mother would never accept the amount of cleaning she had managed in the half hour since her spanking. Her bottom cheeks clenched at the thought of the belt.

“Do you think you've done a good enough job in here,” her mother asked, giving Jessica the look that said she had better say no.

“No, Ma'am,” Jessica said, not able to look her mother in the eye.

“What did I say was going to happen if you didn't do a good job cleaning, young lady,” her mother asked.

“That you would spank me with the belt,”Jessica mumbled.

“Speak up, young lady.”

“That you would spank me with the belt,” Jessica said louder, embarrassed at hearing the words.

“And that's just what is about to happen,” her mother said as she placed two pillows on the edge of the bed, “Now bend over and don't you dare reach back to cover your bottom.”

Jessica bent over the pillows, which she knew made her bare bottom a perfect target. She could barely reach the floor, and she always felt so helpless in this position. She heard the clink of the belt buckle as her mother doubled the belt. She tried to be ready for it, but nothing could ever really prepare her for just how much it hurt. The first lick of the leather across her her bottom took her breath away, and the rest of the spanking was so fast that she couldn't get it back. She gasped and struggled and twisted around, trying to get away from the spanking. Bending over with her bare bottom high in the air, she was completely vulnerable. The spanking continued, and as always happened, Jessica started to cry. She wished it would mean the end of the spanking, but her mother would keep whipping her bottom with the belt until she had decided that Jessica had learned her lesson. A belt spanking from her mother was never a short occurrence. Her mother spanked for a very long time, and Jessica cried harder and harder. She finally stopped struggling, and her mother stopped spanking her, but she swore she could still feel the belt across her bottom.

“Now, are you going to clean your room the way you're supposed to? If not, I can spank you again. I'm sure another good dose of the hairbrush and belt will make sure that you do what you're told,” her mother said.

Jessica's breath hitched as she spoke. “I'll do what I'm supposed to. I'm sorry I was being lazy.”
“Good,” her mother said, “I'm sorry I had to spank you so hard, but I told you that if you didn't do what you were told that I would spank you again. A promise is a promise, and when I promise to spank you for misbehavior, I keep my promise, don't I?”

“Yes, Ma'am. Thank you for teaching me a lesson. I know I'll be a good girl now,”Jessica said, her very sore bottom making her mean every word that she said.

“I'm glad. I want you to be my good girl,” her mother said, and kissed Jessica on the forehead just like she had every time she had ever spanked her since she was a girl. It meant that she was forgiven. Even though the spankings hurt enough to make her cry, she felt better afterward, because she knew she was a good girl again.

As she cleaned her room, Jessica thought back to when she was a teenager and her mother had informed her that just because she was in high school, that didn't mean that she was too old to be taken over the knee for a long hard spanking on her bare bottom when needed. Jessica had protested, saying that yes, she was much too old for a spanking, especially on the bare bottom. She had yelled and stomped her foot and had told her mother that in no uncertain terms would she submit to even one more spanking. Her mother had then proceeded to take her firmly by the arm, yanking her pants and panties down with one arm while putting her unceremoniously over her knee. Jessica then got the spanking of her life, with the hairbrush for a solid ten minutes. Her protests had stopped fairly quickly, because she knew she was no match for her mother, and that her mother would just keep her over her knee spanking her until Jessica had absolutely no fight left in her. Jessica was soon reduced to a blubbering mass of quivering girl flesh, her bottom so sore that sitting was the last thing she wanted to do. That was when her mother started the ritual of making her sit on her sore bare bottom on the hard wooden chair for fifteen minutes. Her mother told her that since she was a teenager, stronger methods were obviously required. It took Jessica three more spankings and half an hour before she sat for the full fifteen minutes without jumping up from the pain in her sore bottom. Her mother had been insistent that this was the way it would be from then on, and that Jessica needed to learn to do what she was told or suffer the consequences.

That had been over two decades ago, and nothing had changed. Her mother might be more willing to use the belt for a second spanking when necessary, but that was the only change in all the years that Jessica had been spanked.

For the next week, Jessica had trouble sitting. Her mother had spanked her hard enough with the hairbrush and the belt to leave bruises on her sit spots, right where her mother wanted them. She knew that if it hurt for Jessica to sit for at least a few days, then the lesson would be learned that much faster. The worst lesson she had ever had to learn was when she was 16. Her mother had caught her shoplifting, and when the only excuse Jessica could come up with was that she had never been caught before, she hadn't been able to sit for a month. Her mother had spanked her with the belt every day for two weeks, and the bruises had lasted for almost twice that long. Her mother had wanted to impress upon her the seriousness of what she had done, and Jessica never shoplifted again.

Not being able to sit for a week was a minor inconvenience compared to that punishment, even if it meant that she had to pretend that there was nothing wrong when she went to work. It was difficult to sit without wincing in pain, but she had to try. Nobody could ever find out that she was still spanked on her bare bottom by her mother at her age, and especially not on a regular basis. She would never be able to live it down. 

 To be continued?  Let me know!