Saturday, June 25, 2011

Over Her Knee Part 2

Part 2

It had been over a month since Jessica's spanking for not cleaning her room, and she was starting to feel what she knew was a false sense of security. She knew that something would happen to warrant another spanking, sooner rather than later. It never failed to happen. She should have remembered that the day her friends invited her out for drinks after work. She hadn't been keeping track of how much she drank, but she felt okay by the time she left the bar. At least she didn't feel all that drunk, but the officer who stopped her on her way home felt differently after he made her get out of her car. She had stumbled out, and standing by the car, she had felt the world start spinning slightly. She tried to talk the officer into letting her go.

Please, I'll go right home, I won't stop anywhere on the way,” she had slurred.

You can't drive in the shape you're in. You're going to the station with me,” the officer said sternly.

I can't, my mother will be so angry if she has to come pick me up. She'll spank me,” Jessica said loudly, and then realized what she had said. She blushed furiously.

Well, from what I can see, you need one,”the officer said, a glint in his eye.

You don't believe me,”Jessica asked.

At your age? Of course I don't believe you,” the officer said.

Jessica was too embarrassed to argue the point. She hadn't meant to say what she had blurted out, and the fact that he didn't believe her at least allowed her keep her dignity. He probably just thought she was too drunk to think of a good excuse, she thought. She knew that what she had said was all too true though, and her stomach did violent flips, almost making her sick to her stomach. She didn't want to call her mother, because she would hear The Tone more than what her mother would say. The Tone that meant that she probably wasn't going to be sitting any time in the near future. Something this big would bring much worse consequences than even the shoplifting had. She was a grown woman now, much too old to do something this stupid, and she knew she was going to pay for it with the sorest bare bottom she had ever experienced in her whole life. The shoplifting incident would seem mild compared to what her mother would do to her for this.

Two hours later, as she sat in the police station, she saw her mother walk authoritatively through the door. She looked as strict as Jessica knew that she was. She wanted to sink into the floor, and tried to avoid looking at her mother as she approached.

You stay here while I take care of things.”

Jessica looked up at her mother, and felt those eyes bore straight into her. She looked away as fast as she could as her mother walked to the desk to talk to the officer in charge. Soon, with all the formalities taken care of, Jessica was in the car on the way home to her doom.

I hope you realize that you're in more trouble than you've ever been in. Your blood alcohol level was .10! Do you realize what could have happened if you had been in an accident? I can't let this go with just a simple spanking. You will go to work, but since you can't drive, I will drive you to and from work. You will not leave the house without me. A lawyer may be able to get your license back right away, but until further notice, you are not allowed to ask for it. I will let you know when I think you can be trusted again, and only then will you be allowed to get your license back. You will be spanked every day until your case goes to court. I asked the officer, and he said that could take at least a month. Today and tomorrow you will be spanked multiple times, including bedtime spankings. After tomorrow you will get the bedtime spanking every day. Those spankings will occur just before your new bedtime, which will be much earlier, until further notice. When we get home, you will go to your room, you will remove your pants and your panties, and you will stand in the corner to wait for your first spanking. Once you take your pants and panties off, it will be up to me when you will be allowed to wear them again in the house. You will be bare from the waist down until I decide you've learned your lesson. You will also only be allowed to sit on one of the hard kitchen chairs, even in the living room. You are going to be one very sorry girl.”

Yes, Ma'am,”Jessica mumbled. The thought of everything her mother had just said took her breath away. The effects of the alcohol had been clouding her mind until her mother's words had hit her like ice water. She knew that her mother would have no problem treating her like a very naughty ten year old, and she knew what that meant. Spankings before she had been a teenager had been humiliating in more ways than one. She hadn't been allowed to wear anything from the waist down after a spanking for at least an hour, so that her bare bottom had been on display. Being the only child of a single mother meant that there was no one else to witness her humiliation, but that hadn't lessened it at all. That rule had changed when she had developed physically, but she knew that her mother wasn't above changing that for something this serious. She knew she deserved to be spanked, but she wasn't sure how she would handle being spanked every day for the foreseeable future, especially under the new rules.

When they pulled up into the driveway, Jessica's heart started to race. Her doom was now at hand, just on the other side of that door. She wanted to walk as slowly as she could, to delay things just a little, but she knew that her mother would spank her even more for that. She wondered just how many spankings she would get over the next two days. There was no stopping her mother from deciding that she would be spanked all day the next day, considering that the next day was Saturday. It was still light outside, and as she walked to the front door she swore that the neighbors knew what had happened, and what was about to happen. She suddenly wondered if anyone could hear what went on inside the house during her spankings. She had never thought about it before, but her spankings were normally over in a matter of a few minutes.

Once inside the door, she was halfway down the hallway to her room when her mother stopped her. She walked back, wondering what was about to change.

Remove your pants and panties right here. I'm going to take them so that you aren't tempted to put them back on later. I'm going to remove all your pants and panties from your room, along with your robe and most of your shirts. You can keep the ones that are too short to cover your bottom. I will give you clothes to wear every morning before work, but I won't have you trying to cover up your bottom, even when you're alone in your room. I want you to think about what you did, and keeping your bottom bare for the next month or so will make sure that happens. You won't be able to pretend that none of this is happening, that you're going to have to face a judge in a courtroom because you were incapable of making the right decision at your age.”

Jessica looked at her mother, but she knew she wouldn't change her mind. She blushed so deeply that she could feel it in her chest. Her mother had pulled her pants down so many times over the years, so this wasn't the first time, but it had been decades since she had been forced to be bare for longer than a spanking took. Now, except for work, she would be bare from the waist down for weeks at best, months at worst. She couldn't look her mother in the eye, keeping her head down as she removed her pants, reluctantly and slowly removed her panties, and handed them both to her mother. She turned quickly and ran to her room, knowing what her mother saw as she ran away. She closed her door and went to the corner, where she stood waiting for her mother to come and spank her.

Jessica didn't know how long she had been standing there, but she knew that it was longer than it should have been. Her mother wasn't one to make her wait very long for a spanking. When she did finally hear her mother's footsteps coming toward her room, she wished that she had more time. The door opened, and she heard her mother walk to the middle of the room. She expected to hear her desk chair being moved to the center of the room, but the almost comforting sound of what was to come was conspicuously absent. Jessica was suddenly afraid of the spanking she was about to get for the first time in a long time.

Turn around, Jessica,”her mother said sternly.

Jessica turned around, realizing how exposed she was, and her blood ran cold at the sight of what her mother held in her hand. It was a switch, long and thin, and as evil looking a thing as Jessica had ever seen. Her mother had planted the birch tree in the back yard when Jessica had been a little girl. She had told her how her own mother had used a switch on her when she had misbehaved, and she had told Jessica that she would use one on her if she was ever so naughty that nothing else would work. Well, this is pretty much the worst thing I've ever done, she thought. She shivered as she stood there, from fear more than from the fact that she was mostly naked. She watched as her mother moved the two pillows from the head of the bed to the middle.

I want you over those pillows right now, young lady. This is going to be something you're never going to forget.”

Jessica's legs felt leaden as she walked to the bed, and placed herself over the pillows. As many spankings as her mother had given her over the years, she had never felt the switch and didn't know what to expect.

She heard her mother come up next to the bed, and heard the switch cut through the air. The next thing she knew there was a line of fire across her bare bottom. She cried out, something she never did, but it had taken her by surprise. That cry barely had a chance to die away before the next stroke hit just below the first. Another line of fire, another cry. She didn't know how she would make it through whatever her mother was going to do to her with that switch. Her mother continued to whip her with it, and soon all she could do was lie there with her mouth open, no sound coming out. Her entire bottom was on fire, and she had stopped being able to feel each line separately. She lost count of how many strokes of the switch her mother had laid on her bare bottom. She couldn't think about that or anything else, there was just the white hot pain.

She didn't even notice at first when her mother stopped whipping her with the switch. Not until she felt her mother smooth back her hair and stroke her head did she realize that the agony was over. At that touch, she knew that her mother wasn't doing this because she hated her or wanted her to hurt. She was doing it to teach her that she needed to suffer the consequences of her very stupid decision to drink and then drive. As much as her bottom hurt, she loved her mother right then more than she had realized in a long time.

Rest now, and I'll be back later,”her mother said softly, and left the room. Before the door was closed, Jessica was asleep.


lunargirl said...

Really looking forward to the next installment.



Jen said...

Thanks! I'd never written a switching scene before, so I wasn't sure it would go over. Now that I know it does, I'll keep writing!