Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Need Feedback To Finish Over Her Knee Story

A few nights ago I posted the first part of a story that got enough positive comments that I decided to continue it.  A couple nights ago I got a really good idea for a way to progress the story, but I need some feedback first.  Is there such a thing as too much when it comes to punishment if the actual spankings aren't over the top?  Is there a number of spankings per day/week that would be ridiculous?  The idea I have is for a major infraction that leads directly to legal trouble.  In my fantasies, things ratchet up pretty fast, but this is a story that isn't just for my enjoyment, so I don't want it to become silly.  What I have so far is only severe as far as length of time that she'd be punished.  Where I got hung up was in the number of spankings per day.  What's a legitimate number and what's over the top?  I don't normally write out my fantasies because of this problem, and even though this isn't one of my fantasies, this second part could approach that over the top level fast if I don't control it.  I need to know what YOU think, because so far, part two is REALLY good. : )


lunargirl said...

Guess that depends on factors.

Severity of punishment?

Email me. Happy to chat about it.



EDWARD said...

Oh man,I just found your blog.very happy reading for a spanko like me.I love the switching,its not too much, she should have her legs punished from knee's to her bottom on moms next visit. .10 is cause for a proper thrashing.

Jen said...

Hi Edward, thanks! I LOVE new readers! That was the first switching scene I'd ever written, so I wasn't even sure how far to go with it. I didn't want to go too far over the top, but future sessions may go farther.