Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another story: Learning to Ask

Jessie just wanted time to herself, but all she got was more stress. It was getting so that she couldn’t think straight. She couldn’t even manage to spend time with Stella anymore, and it was starting to put a strain on their relationship. They had always said they wouldn’t let the world get in the way, but with Jessie’s class load and Stella’s recent spell of overtime, the world loomed large. Stella seemed to be able to handle it, but Jessie tended to let things build up until the pressure got the better of her. Stella had her special way of making sure things didn’t get to that level most of the time, but the overtime had made it difficult for her to take charge in her usual manner. Jessie found herself snapping at Stella more and more often, and she was starting to notice Stella giving her that warning look, but she couldn’t seem to control herself anymore. She needed Stella to take her in hand. She just couldn’t ask for it.

While waiting for Stella to come home from work one night, Jessie became increasingly agitated. She felt as though Stella cared more about her work than their relationship. She knew that they needed the money, what with Stella allowing her to go back to school full time to get her degree, but she still felt slighted. By the time Stella came through the door, all Jessie could do was glare at her and stomp around the house, banging dishes and glasses on the table as she set it. Dinner was eaten without a word spoken, after Stella’s initial attempts at conversation were met by Jessie’s cold stares.

After dinner Stella finally broke the stony silence. “What’s up, Jessie” she asked.

“Like you don’t know,” Jessie said curtly. She stood defiantly in the middle of the living room, facing Stella, who sat on the couch.

“No, I don’t know, and I’d like to. I can tell you’re upset about something, but you haven’t really told me anything in days. I can’t help if I don’t know what’s wrong,” Stella said.

Jessie really looked at Stella for the first time that night, without the veil of anger in front of her eyes. “I thought you didn’t care anymore,” she said quietly, “All you ever do now is work.”

Stella sighed, stood up, and walked over to Jessie. “I’m sorry if it seems like I’ve been ignoring you. I just couldn’t turn down the overtime if we’re going to make a go of this. Why didn’t you say something before this if it’s been bothering you so much,” she asked, raising one eyebrow.

Jessie knew what that raised eyebrow meant, and her bottom cheeks clenched in anticipation. Stella would definitely spank her for allowing things to get to this point. Stella hated it when Jessie played the petulant child, allowing emotions to rule instead of logic.

“I didn’t realize it first, and then when I did it was too late. School has been so hectic that I was already stressed out, and not having you to come to made it worse,” Jessie said, pleading her case. She had a feeling it wouldn’t work.

“You know that when your stress level is starting to build that you’re supposed to let me know so that we can deal with it. I’m not going to lecture you though, because I know what you really need is a good hard spanking, not words,” Stella said.

Jessie looked into Stella’s eyes, and knew she deserved to be spanked. She needed to learn not to let things get her so upset. She had to learn to trust that Stella wouldn’t just stop caring about her. She had to learn so many things.

Stella led her back to the couch, and sat down. She unzipped Jessie’s jeans, tugged them down to her knees, and her panties followed. Jessie trembled as the cold air, and a little shame at having acted so silly washed over her. She surrendered easily as Stella took her hand and led her to kneel on the couch. Jessie laid herself across Stella’s lap, wanting to show Stella that she was willing to accept the punishment.

Stella didn’t spare Jessie at all, even from the start. She spanked hard and fast, too fast for Jessie’s liking. She started kicking and yelling, completely forgetting that she had planned on accepting the punishment. She couldn’t get on top of the pain, it was just too overwhelming. She fought against it, which she knew she shouldn’t do, but she couldn’t help it. She twisted and tried to free herself, all to no avail. Stella’s grip was much stronger than Jessie’s attempts, and all Jessie succeeded in doing was wearing herself out.

Just when Jessie thought it would be over, she felt Stella stop and reach over to the end table next to the couch. She wondered what Stella was doing, but not for long. The hairbrush smacking down on her bare bottom answered her unspoken question, and she renewed her thrashing. The spanking continued until Jessie gave up and lay sobbing across Stella’s knees. Stella rubbed Jessie’s back, calming her down.

“Now, have you learned to ask me for a spanking when you start to get stressed out,” Stella asked.

“Yes Ma’am,” Jessie said, trying not to sound too pathetic.

“Good. Hopefully you’ll remember this the next time. Now come on, it’s time for bed,” Stella said.

Jessie stood up, painfully, and gratefully followed Stella into the bedroom, where they were finally able to shut the world out once again.


lunargirl said...

And just what made you think I would identify with this story, I wonder...(wink).

Very nicely done. I did like it, and secretly identify, for more than one reason...


Jen said...

Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it. Let's just say I had an inkling that you could relate. :) I was hoping that would go beyond the obvious reason, and it looks like it did!