Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sting vs. Thud

On Twitter we've been discussing the whole Sting or Thud problem.  It's a problem for me only because I love to be spanked, and how isn't usually an issue.  My loves are anything leather, or the heavy cane.  Lovely thudiness, and I can't get enough.  Anything wood, on the other hand, and yikes, I'm done pretty fast.  That bugs me, because I love it when spankings can last a long time, and especially with the hairbrush, it just can't.  The paddle too.  I don't last very long at all with any of my paddles, and I have too many!  If I'm being punished, then nine times out of ten I get spanked with something wooden, unless it's a very fast, very hard belt spanking.  Maybe that's part of the reason I don't like sting, because I associate it with punishment.  It's very effective, pushing me over the edge without a lot of effort.  For play I like a little of everything, as long as my favorite toys get used more.  I like marks and bruises, and the longer I can play, the more that happens.  Fast and effective might work for punishment, but in general, long term play is the goal!


lunargirl said...

I like both. I know that puts me into a minority.

I love thud in most cases, and yes, because the spanking can last a long time, it has a warm place in my...heart.

I like sting because it will cut right through my legendary stubborn streak and bring me right to the edge when I need the emotional release.

A side note, sting does not always equate with quick. It is possible for Her to bring me close to breaking and then stop, rest a minute and start again. Sting can last a while.


Jen said...

I'm used to punishments being quick and then done. If it's play, then yes, it can go for a while and then stop and start up again after a while, but lots of implements get used that way.

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Hard Wood 36 in said...

Maybe the adventurous side of you should just plunge in and say the heck with "how long I can take it" and just press in and through and see what's on the other side?