Sunday, May 29, 2011

The sound of a voice

I know it's not just me, it's probably all of us who get spanked, the sound of our spanker scolding us, or telling us what they're going to do to us makes our knees go weak.  For those of us who don't live near the person who spanks us, we normally have to be content with hearing those things on the phone.  I came up with a solution for in between phone calls or between times we see each other, to bring that squirminess back.  It started as a way to try to make me do what I was supposed to do when I was having a problem sticking to a goal.  I had wanted him to do it years ago, but that would have meant recording it with a tape recorder, and he didn't have one at the time.  It would've sounded like he was talking on the phone, which wouldn't have been as good.  As it was, things didn't work out until a year ago or so, when he could record things right onto his computer and then send the files to me in emails.  I have a whole list of them now, all on my iPod, to listen to whenever I want.  They're short audio clips of him threatening me, telling me what a bad girl I've been, in that voice of his, and a whole variety of other wonderfully squirmy things.  It's amazing what the sound of his voice in my ear does to me, especially since the sound quality makes it sound like he's right HERE.  It can make me melt when I'm in the right mood, and can make me feel like a bad girl who's about to get a very hard spanking any minute, even though I know it won't happen right then.  I can almost see the look that must have been on his face as he recorded them.  The raised eyebrow, the look over his glasses, the set of his jaw when he stresses a point that he wants to make VERY clear.  I've seen those looks often enough when we're in the same place that they're burned into my brain.  

The sound of a voice is an amazing thing.  It evokes so many emotions, especially when connected to our kink.  Lovely, threatening, squirm-inducing words, and if you work it right, you can have them any time you want! 

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