Saturday, May 14, 2011

Something I've always wanted to do

I'm not a professional photographer or anything, can use my digital camera, but I don't know all the ins and outs of taking pictures.  Even so, I've always wanted to take pictures of what we do.  I mean erotic type pics, very sensual, romantic types of pictures, showing the side of what we do that isn't seen by anyone but us.  Once at a party, a friend had just spanked his wife, and she was sitting on his lap, her bottom all red, but you could see the love between them.  I so wanted a picture of that.  Maybe to convey to the rest of the world what it is that we love about what we do, and the intimacy involved without sex even needing to be included.  The thing is, if I were to do it, I'm thinking that the only way to show them would be online.  I doubt you could get those kinds of pictures into a gallery to show to the public, at least not without a lot of drama involved.  I'd also need a better camera!  The one I have is an old 3 megapixel, and I'd want one with a lot better capability than that for this.  I'd want some of them to be black and white too, because I want to show the emotion involved as much as anything else.  Would it be feasible though?  Too many people still think that what we do is some evil, abusive thing.  We know better, but the right pictures could possibly change their minds. 

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