Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another lucky day

It happens so rarely, everybody leaves and I get an hour or so to myself.  I went months the last time before everybody decided to leave at the same time.  Now that the weather's better it might happen more often.  I can hope anyway.  Today it happened, and I didn't even know until just beforehand, so it was a very nice surprise.  I had to stop myself from acting giddy as they got ready to go, because lately I've been in desperate need of a spanking (or four!).  I can't let them know WHY I want them to leave, and I definitely can't act like I'm trying to push them out the door faster, even if I'd like to. 

I started with the belt, because as much as I'd like to start out with my new toy (I still have no idea what it actually is, so I don't know what to call it), it's a little drastic to use cold.  The first time I tried, and I almost bailed on the entire spanking!  After the belt I went with the hairbrush for a while, then the bathbrush and the backscratcher.  THEN I went with the new toy, and it was easier to take some harder strokes with it.  My shoulder doesn't last very long these days, so I take breaks more often, but I get the job done when I have enough time.  Today I got enough time, and it was very nice.  I got myself to the point where it hurt to sit on a hard chair.  That never lasts a long enough time, but I love it for as long as it does. 

I love to check my bottom in the mirror to check on the progress, and see if there are marks and how red it is.  I got decent color today, though I knew it wouldn't last for more than half a day, which is always a bummer.  After everybody was home I checked again a couple hours later, and I have a couple superficial type bruises.  At least those will last a couple days, I hope!

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