Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Spanko Vampire story

I started this years ago, and then didn't know where it was going, so I drifted away from it.  It has potential.  Spanko vampires, such an untapped market!  If there's interest, maybe I'll see what I can do to continue it and eventually finish it.

True Nature

The moonlight illuminated Vanessa’s body as she lay on the bed, her skin so pale that it seemed to absorb the moonlight that streamed in through the window.  Gerard watched her as she stretched, cat-like, readying herself for the coming night.  The room was dark except for the light streaming in through the window, but he saw everything in sharp detail.  He had not needed lights to see by in decades, so they rarely used more than candlelight in the house.  He watched his wife as she lay still sprawled on the bed.

“I need a spanking,” she said, just short of whining.  She looked at him imploringly. 

“Soon, my love,” Gerard soothed, “You know it won’t be any good at all until after we’ve fed.  I would think you’d be more patient after so many years.  We both know that although our need for spanking is still as strong in us as it ever was, the need for blood is just that much stronger.  Were I to spank you now, there would be no marks, no blush of your cheeks as I paddle you.  There would be nothing to show for it, so you must wait, as always.”

Vanessa pouted.  She knew that she must wait, for the blood to course through her veins once again, to feel the warmth that meant she could have what she truly wanted, a hot throbbing bottom, no matter how short-lived the effects.  When she awoke the next night, the feeling would be gone, though the memory of the sweet pain would linger in her mind.  That was what she existed for, not the blood, that was but a means to an end.  She longed for what the blood gave her, the feeling of being wonderfully and completely spanked.  Along with what feeding gave her personally, it also gave Gerard the ability to spank her for long lovely hours without tiring.  A smile slowly spread across her face as she thought of it.

She dressed hurriedly, wanting to be done with the necessary unpleasantness as quickly as possible.  It was seductive as it happened, as the blood flowed into her, but she had never lusted after it the way she thought she probably should.  Gerard was only slightly more taken with it than she, it had been he who had been created first, and then she had been taken by him.

Gerard led the way, as he always did.  The need for blood was always strongest in him, and he knew the right places to go where they could avoid detection.  He could sense who was expendable, those who wouldn't be missed and wouldn't arouse suspicion by their absence.  They'd managed never to be detected as a source of the deaths; no one even knew they existed.  They lived a solitary existence, without the company of others, even their own kind.  He pulled her along through the dark streets and alleys as if he were a bloodhound hot on the scent of his quarry.

He spotted the first after only a few minutes, a young woman, little more than a girl really, with blonde hair and a too short skirt.  Without the thick coating of makeup she might have been pretty, but it only succeeded in making her look tired and shabby.  He left Vanessa waiting in an unlit doorway, and slid up beside the lone girl.  Even up close he couldn't discern her true age, she looked as though she had been standing in that same spot, in the same clothes, for years.  He felt compassion and bloodlust and power all at once.  He knew he would be helping her by taking her out of her wretched life. 

"Hello, little one," he said as he appeared beside her, "You look tired."

"Damn right I am," she said, an edge to her voice.  "I've been standing here for an hour with no action!"

He took her hand and turned her so that she faced him.  "You don't want to be here doing this, do you," he said softly, a statement more than a question.

The hard look in her eyes faltered and then vanished.  "I don't have a choice.  I don't have anywhere else to go, and if I don't make my quota tonight, Tony'll have my head."  Her answer was just above a whisper at the end.

Gerard stroked her hair.  "I can take you out of this, if you want.  Take the hurt and loneliness away for you.  Do you want me to do that?"

"Will it hurt," she asked, afraid suddenly.

"Only for a moment, little one, then it will be over," he promised.

She looked hesitant for a brief moment, but then he could tell that she had decided.  He held out his hand, and she placed hers in it willingly.  He led her to a dark corner of the alley, where none but Vanessa would ever see, and with a gentleness he knew she most likely hadn't known in years, he sank his teeth into her soft throat.

erard's senses were heightened by the rush of blood into his body.  The girl whimpered slightly, but did not struggle against the pain, or the knowledge that her life was ending.  Just before she died, Gerard forced himself to pull away, to watch as she faded.  With the last of her strength and breath, she managed to whisper a grateful thank you, and then she was dead.  Gerard felt no remorse; he'd kept his promise and had taken her out of her miserable existence.  He laid her gently in a dark doorway, where she most likely wouldn't be found for days.  He knew that no one cared for these girls, and there would never be an investigation into how she died.  They would read in the paper at some point that another prostitute had died from a drug overdose or some such thing.  The authorities always mistook the wounds made by their teeth as needle marks, and chalked up the death to their hard life.

Vanessa watched as Gerard crossed back over to her.  She realized that she was breathing heavily, which always happened when she watched him seduce a girl or a woman and then feed.  She knew it was now her turn and she hoped it would be as easy for her as it always seemed to be for Gerard.
They found her a mile or so away; they never fed too close together.  Vanessa knew as soon as she saw the woman that she needed to be rescued.  She was older than Gerard's find, early twenties possibly, but looking decades older.  Vanessa could see the fresh bruises on her face even under the garish makeup.

    Vanessa had always been less forward in her hunting than Gerard.  She watched at first, waiting for the right time to approach.  The young woman paced as cars slowed but didn't stop.  Vanessa made her way slowly to where the woman stood, and she noticed that up close the weariness she saw from afar was much more pronounced.  Still, she almost had second thoughts about going ahead with this conquest.  She had no qualms over killing so that she could feed; it was just that there were occasions when certain victims evoked an empathetic feeling in her.  She knew though, that it was inevitable.  The young woman would suffer an early death whether it was to replenish a needful creature such as herself, or senselessly by the hand of an angry customer.

    She drew up beside the woman, who started at the sudden closeness.  Vanessa touched the woman, who drew back in fear.  She opened her mouth to scream, but Vanessa placed a finger on the woman's lips, who then stood silently trembling.  Vanessa brushed the woman's dark hair away from her face, and led her to the alley.  Once there, in a spot where she knew no human eyes could see her, she placed her face very close to the young woman's.

    “Don’t be afraid,” she whispered, “I’m here to help, even though it may not seem that way.  You need out of this dreadful life of yours, and I need to feed.  That way we both get what we need, yes?”

The woman closed her eyes for a second, and then opened them to stare into Vanessa’s own.  “Yes,” she said, in a whisper as quiet as Vanessa’s.  She rested her head on Vanessa’s shoulder, in complete surrender.

Vanessa’s teeth pierced the tender flesh, and she became infused with life and blood and adrenaline.  She felt the still beating heart in the neck, and against her own body, as she drained everything she needed from the woman.  When she was finished, she laid the body in a mostly natural state, and went back to join Gerard.

“I don’t want to waste a moment of what I’m feeling,” she said, “let’s go back right now so that you can spank me for the rest of the night!”

Gerard laughed at her exuberance.  She was always like this when she was aglow with the blood, and he wasn’t about to deny her.  He got as much enjoyment out of spanking her as she did from being spanked, even though sex no longer had anything to do with their needs.  She reveled in the pain, and he reveled in the sensations of feeling her skin change temperature and watching it change color, along with watching her reactions.  They would once again be the way they had always been, even in life, submissive and Dominant, Bottom and Top, two halves of a whole.  He followed her back to the  house.
Once there, Vanessa became a whirlwind of activity, retrieving the implements she wanted him to use on her, which was every one they owned.  Gerard stood back and watched.  He still loved everything about her, the way she moved, spoke, and writhed beneath the strap or his hand.  All of it was magic to him, even after all the decades they’d had together since the change.  He planned to continue spanking her for the rest of forever, not being able to imagine a time when he might tire of this way of having to live, the hiding and the feeding.  It was what gave him all of eternity to do what he loved, to spank his lovely Vanessa.

When she stood before him, looking eagerly into his eyes, he drew her slowly to the bed, where he stripped her.  Naked, and pink once again, she was a true sight of beauty to him.  He caressed her warmth, his fingers growing hungry for her.  He drew her slowly across his lap, and she seemed to melt into position.  His hands stroked her body, paying special attention to her bottom.  He rubbed and stroked until he knew the time had come to start the spanking.  The first slap was almost gentle, not even jarring her out of her reverie.  He continued, bringing the color up just slightly in her cheeks.  He wanted this spanking to last, allowing him to spank, paddle, strap, and possibly even cane his love.       

When her bottom was a bright pink color, Gerard stopped the spanking just long enough to right her and take up the thin paddle.  He bent her over the bed and slapped the paddle down hard.  Vanessa’s back arched, but she didn’t utter a sound.  Gerard knew she loved the feel of the paddle against her skin, even as hard as he always spanked her.  When they were young he had been surprised at how much she could take, everything he could give and then some, but now his abilities matched her need.  He could spank her so much longer now than he could when they were mortal, there was almost no comparison.
Vanessa allowed herself to hold onto the pain of the spanking, instead of fighting it.  She loved every smack, and the sting was lovely.  When she felt him stop, she wondered what he would use next.  She hoped it would be the belt, and wriggled happily when she felt the leather slap her bare skin.  The heat was already spreading through her whole body, making her feel the way she had before she’d been changed.  The thud went deeply into her, the way the sting of the paddle never could.  She raised her bottom to meet the belt’s every descent, wanting all that it could give.  The belt was one of her favorite implements, and she always wanted Gerard to spank her as long as possible with it.  She felt the old rush, the endorphins from the new blood kicking in.  This was what she craved, more than feeding, more than anything else.  It went on for hours.  She could take so much more now that she was immortal, and she knew that Gerard was up to the task 

Gerard was enthralled with the sight of Vanessa’s red bottom.  He wanted to spend the rest of the night fondling it, feeling the heat, but it hadn’t attained perfection quite yet.  He took up the cane, the heavy one Vanessa loved, to put the finishing touches on an already wonderful night of true passion.  He took her hand and led her, helping her to lay flat on the bed, where he knew that she would need to be once the caning had its affect on her.  She reacted to the cane differently than any other implement they owned, and Gerard knew that standing and bending over wasn’t the right position for her.  He watched as she put the pillow under her head so that she could relax while he caned her, and then he took his position standing next to the bed.  He brought the cane down hard, right across both cheeks, and he watched as they contracted tightly while she processed the pain.  When her bottom relaxed again completely, he knew she was ready for the next stroke, but he wanted to watch the first stripe develop.  It was a striking dark red line compared to the uniform color of the rest of her bottom.  He landed the second stroke just under the first, and Vanessa reacted the same as the first time.  He had wondered, back when they were still mortal, how she could take such a hard caning without making any noise whatsoever.  Her reaction always amazed him. 

Vanessa lay with her eyes closed, drinking in the pain of the strokes.  This was pure bliss to her.  She rode the pain of each stroke as it came, relaxing as it changed from pain to pleasure, letting it wash over her.  She could feel herself letting go, soaring to heights normally unattainable.  There was no room, no bed, just each stroke with its accompanying pain and pleasure.  Stroke after stroke blossomed deep inside her, to explode into something wonderful that she could never quite explain.  All she knew was that she was in a perfect place, where pain was pure bliss.  She had no idea how many strokes landed, or how long Gerard caned her.  Time had ceased to exist.     

Gerard only stopped when Vanessa’s entire bottom was a complete mass of lines.  No flesh was untouched by the cane.  He knew that she’d love how it looked when she came back down to earth, but right now it was he who enjoyed the sight of it.  He’d caned her for an hour, and from the look of her he could tell it would take at least that long for her to return to her senses.  He climbed up on the bed beside her and laid his cheek against her hot flesh.  He gloried in the feel of it.  He ran his finger along each cane stripe and she purred.  He stroked her all over, and held her as she came down from that special place of perfect peace.           

Vanessa felt so wonderful that she didn’t want to come back to reality.  She was completely relaxed and felt like she was floating.  She looked at Gerard through pleasure-fogged eyes, thinking how much she loved him at that moment.  He always gave her what she wanted, what she needed.  He was wonderful to her.  He’d been like that even when they’d been mortal. 

“Gerard, how did we ever get along before we were changed,” she asked dreamily, “We can do so much more now.  Why did I ever hesitate when you asked me to follow you into this?”

Gerard chuckled.  She asked that question sometimes, even after all the years they’d led their solitary and unique existence.  It made him remember all over again just what had started it all.

They had met in high school, and though not love at first sight, they had fallen hard for each other.  Dating all through junior and senior years, they had eventually discovered that they shared a unique desire. 

It was late afternoon, and Gerard was trying to show Vanessa where she had gone wrong with a geometry problem. 

“I’ll never get this,” Vanessa whined, throwing down her pencil.

“Yes you will,” Gerard said, “It’s just a matter of concentrating on it instead of assuming you can’t do it.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Vanessa said, “because I’m too STUPID to understand any of this anyway.”

“That is NOT true, Vanessa, and I don’t want to hear you talk like that about yourself.  You’re smart; you’re just stuck on this one thing.”

“It IS true,” Vanessa said, crossing her arms over her chest stubbornly, “and I can’t do it.  So there.” 

“You’re skating on thin ice, I wouldn’t push it if I were you,” Gerard said.

“Oh, I’m so scared,” Vanessa said in mock terror, and stuck her tongue out at him.

Before she knew what was happening, Gerard grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him.  In one motion, he pushed his chair out from the table and flipped her across his lap.  He started raining spanks down on her skirt covered bottom.  At first she was silent from the sheer shock of the situation, but then she started squealing at the sting building in her nether region.  She was partly shocked, and partly amazed that he’d reached into her soul to know what she wanted and needed him to do.  She’d fantasized about it since she’d been a little girl, and now it was really happening. 

As Gerard spanked her, he couldn’t believe that it was really happening.  He hadn’t planned it, but now that he was actually spanking her, he felt himself get hard.  He’d always dreamed of spanking her, but that was in the deep recesses of his mind, not something that was supposed to actually happen.  He spanked her until she stopped resisting him and just took the spanks, after which he stood her up in front of him.  Both of them were breathing hard, but somehow they resisted the urge to progress any farther.  He gave her a kiss on the cheek, and then they went back to studying, but things would never be the same between them again.  They knew that they were meant to be together, that there was a strong bond between them.  From then on they were inseparable.

They married while Gerard was still in college, and they reveled in the fact that they could finally indulge in their spanking pleasure without guilt.  Vanessa had bloomed into a young woman of deep passion, and Gerard found great satisfaction in being able to push her even deeper.  He spanked her lovingly; he spanked her rough, taking his cues from her reactions.  Wonderful days and nights of Vanessa across Gerard’s lap, or bent over the couch, her round bottom being turned red and sore.  It always ended in sex, whether slow and lingering, or hot and pounding.    The spanking was what they lived for.  It was more than just something to keep their sex life charged; it was what gave them meaning.  They wanted it to go on forever, though it almost ended sooner than they’d planned.
Gerard went walking alone one night, trying to think.  The week before, he had learned that he had limited time left to live the way he wanted, before he would be rendered immobile, only to linger for years before finally dying a horrible death.  For him it was a tragedy, but he couldn’t bring himself to do that to Vanessa, sentencing her to a life of servitude to a shell of himself.  He desperately needed a solution to his problem. 

As he walked through the mostly deserted streets, through white pools of streetlamp light, he considered his options, only to realize that there weren’t any.  To avoid becoming a burden to Vanessa, he would either have to leave her or kill himself before his condition worsened considerably.  Either way he would be without his only love, and Vanessa without hers.  He couldn’t bear that, and he knew she couldn’t either.  The same options also meant that an end to their life of spanking, which was also intolerable. 

Suddenly he felt, more than saw, a movement near him.  By the time he had turned in that direction, whatever had been there had vanished.  Once again he caught a flutter of blackness just out of the corner of his eye, and started after it.  It seemed to stay just beyond him in the darkness, and by the time he gave up the chase, he barely knew where he was any longer, having run well beyond familiar territory. 

He walked the same route the next night, hoping to catch a glimpse of the apparition once again.  He had not told Vanessa about what he had seen, fearing that she might think that his affliction had driven him mad.  He had no idea why he felt the need to track down this “thing”; he only knew that he must.

He had almost given up the search when he saw it again.  Just the faintest glint of black movement under a streetlight, seeming almost like butterfly wings with its speed.  He could not understand how something could move that fast.  Somehow he knew that it wasn’t human, but that it wasn’t animal either.  He pursued it, curiosity winning out over fear.

“Please,” he called out, “stop so that I can talk to you!  I don’t want to hurt you!”

At first Gerard feared that his words had frightened off the creature.  He stood still, waiting, barely breathing.  It seemed like ages, but was probably more like a few minutes only, when he felt someone behind him.  He closed his eyes for just a moment, trying to keep his courage about him as the form slid up to him. 

“You court danger rather cavalierly,” a female voice said.  “You’re either very brave, or very foolish.”

“Neither,” Gerard whispered, “only desperate.”

“Do you know what I am,” the voice breathed onto his neck.

“No, I only sensed that you could be the answer I seek, though I don’t know how or why,” Gerard said, growing just a little braver.

“How could I be the answer if you do not know what it is that I am,” she asked quietly. 

Gerard felt her fingers glide up his arm.  He could sense danger, but he felt so lost that any new threat meant nothing.

“I’m doomed to die, whether now or in five years.  Soon I won’t be able to live the life I love, and I’ll have to leave the woman I love more than anything in this world.  It doesn’t matter what you are, as long as there is the slightest possibility that you can help me.”

The woman moved to face him.  He could see that she was as white as snow.  Not just pale, but completely devoid of color, almost translucent under the streetlight.  Her dark hair was a sharp contrast to her skin, framing her face in soft curls.  She looked into his eyes, and he saw depths before unimaginable in the bright green that flashed there.  Her mouth opened slightly, and then he saw what she was.  He’d never seen teeth that sharp, almost poking her bottom lip at the corners of her mouth.  His mind worked this information into his options, considering the possibilities.  He wondered if it was worth it, to live forever, but at what cost?  Did he even have the courage for it?  If he did this, what would happen to Vanessa?  So many questions ran through his mind.  He didn’t know what to say first.

“Tell me what you want,” she said, leaning forward to whisper it into his ear. 

“I don’t know yet, “Gerard said, “There are so many things to think about.  If I become like you, would I be healed?  Would I still be who I am?  Would I be able to live the way I want, the way I need to?”

“One thing at a time,” she said, resting a hand on his arm to quiet him.  “Yes, you would be healed.  You would not quite be who you are now; you would be so much more.  Your senses would be heightened, and you would experience everything on a level you can not now imagine.”

“What about my wife,” Gerard asked, “I could never be this way if it meant leaving her.  That is why I have been so desperate to find a way out of my problem.  I need her.”

“You could both be changed, if that is what you wish.  You could both have this new life, with time to do everything you ever dreamed.  A thousand lifetimes worth if you are careful.  You would never see a sunrise again, but that is a small price to pay to live forever.”

Gerard thought about this.  Nothing was more important than remaining with Vanessa, living as they always had, loving each other forever.
“What about what you do to stay alive, do you ever………,” he couldn’t finish the thought.

“Yes, you get used to it, you have no choice.  When you realize that it is the only way you can stay alive, you do what you must,” she said.  “I can tell that you have a big decision to make.  If you decide to do this, come to this same place again in two nights, and I will be here.”

“Thank you.  I will talk to my wife and we will decide if this is what we truly want.  I cannot see any other way.”

“Two nights.  Think long and hard, for it isn’t an easy life at times.”

With that, she was gone.  He had barely seen the movement, it was that fast.  He wondered how she did it.  Perplexed, he walked home, wondering how to approach the subject with Vanessa.


Loki said...

A very original and innovative piece. I really like the way you handle their feeding, and there's a jarring juxtaposition between their need to consume life and their almost light-hearted spanking play afterward. I especially like the way Vanessa seems to crave spanking almost more than she craves blood.

Loki said...

A very original and innovative piece. I really like the way you handle their feeding, and there's a jarring juxtaposition between their need to consume life and their almost light-hearted spanking play afterward. I especially like the way Vanessa seems to crave spanking almost more than she craves blood.

Jen said...

Thanks! I'm so glad you like it. It's been buried for so long, I hadn't read it over in years. I think I was channeling old style vampires during the hunting and feeding scenes, and then they could go back to who they really were after that. That's why it's called True Nature, because their TRUE nature is as spankos. Being vampires allows them to live that life.

Abel1234 said...

You write *really* well. I enjoyed this greatly - well, at least the spanking parts of it, vampires not really being my thing. (Actually, come to think about it, I am extremely squeamish. Did you mention blood? Runs off to faint...!)

Jen said...

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. Actually, I don't think I mentioned blood, because I'm not that into the gore aspect. I was mostly into what it did for them in allowing them to keep being who they were. Means to an end mostly, so no need to faint. :)