Friday, February 4, 2011

Starting this over

I originally started this blog four years ago. I only wrote one post that year, and two the next. Not enough to keep anything going. At the time my spanking life had come almost to a halt, so there wasn't really anything to write about. Well, I still have this stuff in my head, even though I don't get spanked as much as I used to, so I need an outlet for it. This is the one place for it, because Facebook is my vanilla space, and I have to edit too much on Twitter. This is where I can talk about my kink, and my need to be spanked. Optimum situation would be long, hard and often, but at this point that's not happening. Later this year I'll finally get spanked by someone other than myself. Maybe I'll include the lead up to all of that, including the possibility of any threats and talk of what will happen. It's early yet, and I haven't been threatened in a long time, but that leaves a lot of time for it!

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Hermione said...

Welcome back! I hope this time you succeed with your blogging adventure.