Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spanking poetry

It doesn't happen often, but I've written a few.  If I really sat and thought about it, I could probably write a whole book of them.  I wonder if they'd sell?  Anyway, this is one I wrote years ago, but it's not like I can show it to anybody who would read my vanilla poetry. 


You've reduced me once again
to that helpless malleable state,
Willing to do what you say,
Wanting to please you,
To submit to you completely.

Your power is evident
in your eyes, your tone,
Your manner,
The touch of the paddle
is almost secondary,
But provides the impetus
which pushes me over the edge,
To that state of mind
where you lead,
And I follow.


This one isn't so much about the physical act, as about the mindset behind it.  I'm not into the whole D/s thing, but after I've been punished, this explains what I become.  I so want to do whatever he says afterward, and to do things for him.  I want to be a good girl, to show him that the spanking did what it was designed to do.  It never lasts more than a couple hours of course, but it's definitely there.

I know G. would like it to last much longer, but hey, we can't have everything, right?


just a girl said...

Lovely & beautiful!

Alias said...

Beautiful! I'd love to read more.